T&J Travels: Baguio 2015 (Part 3)

-CJH: Historical Core-

Not the original Totem. 

For an entrance fee of 60 pesos, you get to see the Bell House, Ampitheater, Secret Garden and the Negativity Cemetery. You can get a tour guide too if you wish.

The Bell House is currently under construction so we missed what's inside, but the garden outside is a feast for the eyes too. On the left is a small trek to the Secret Garden which Reagan and I believed is a masochist's secret garden being that far from the house. I was out of breath! On the way back we were kidding how it was like at the Bell's house:

Maid: Sir here are your papers!
Bell: This is not the right one, it's at the other drawer
Maid: (after going to and fro) Are these it?
Bell: You've missed a paper.
Maid: (panting now) Sir here's the rest. Admiral called.
Bell: Which admiral, would you be fine to ask?
Maid: (stains of sweat on her uniform, she drank Bell's juice to his surprise) Sir, he doesn't say, and here's my resignation!!

The Ampitheater. It's so beautiful no wonder weddings are held here too. I would have loved to get married here as well given that I can afford hauling my friends over.

Maybe I'm just hard to be impressed but this was lackluster for me. I thought it would be so hilarious like other blogs make it seem to be. It's nice to come here for the sake of it though.

- CJH : Chocolate de Batirol -

After getting lost for a while, we have managed to walk from the historical core up to the restaurant. We both ordered the same food, bibingka and their hot chocolate. I got the traditional and Reagan got strawberry flavor.

The chocolate was a bit bitter, which made it much more local tasting. I liked it more than the strawberry. Bibingka is okay, but it lacked taste for me. It's like the batter lacked salt or something.

Reagan suggested we go back to the hotel to regain strength first before we go to Baguio Craft. I knew that I was okay going straight there even after the heavy merienda, but goodness the moment he left me at the hotel room so he could smoke I was asleep for hours.  I woke up almost 9pm.

- Baguio Craft Brewery -

A disadvantage of this bar is that it's not a walkable distance from the city proper. After a quick dinner at a local eatery we headed there via taxi (yay!) and for once our taxi driver had no idea where. He still managed after mentioning Marcos Hi-way.

I'm not making this up but the first pair of people we see are foreigners. If they're Germans or Irish I won't even be surprised. The bar wasn't even too packed but it wasn't empty either. We were greeted by one of their waitresses giving us free samples of what we want to try before actually ordering. I tried Lagud but didn't like it at all. I settled for Kiwi, which tastes a lot like San Mig Light only better. Reagan managed to drink two --- Message in A Bottle and Pugaw. I tasted both but we both liked Pugaw even though MIAB was the best seller.

We've no idea why beer trays are not available anymore, we would have tried more flavors. Oh well, we just have to come back to try more!

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