T&J Travels: Baguio 2015 (Part 2)

- CJH: Treetop Adventure -

The Mandatory Briefing

The trip from the Grotto to Camp John Hay didn't take too long that we've arrived there around lunch time. We wanted to eat for the first half of Package H but advised not to because once we've crossed the first Canopy ride, we could not come back anymore. It is also discouraged because the ride has an hour of waiting time.

Tree drop 

The first phase is the Tree drop. It's the quickest and your baptism of fire. Once you've completed this, there is no way you would be scared for the rest of the activities. From the photo it's obvious there is no tree but a sturdy structure of green metal. They hoist you up with the harness fixed around your chest up to the thighs. The feeling of not holding anything was really scary and before you change your mind you're already heading down. It was so quick I didn't even thought of holding the black rope which we're not supposed to hold on to in the first place. I wonder who could ever do that when you're too busy falling!

Still getting used to, the canopy ride to and fro different stations still gave me the jitters. There are at least 3 of these before our next stop, my legs attempting to adapt at the lack of anything it can reach.

Silver Surfer was next, it's a controlled seesaw feet above the ground and standing. It was both fun and scary because the last thing you want on such rides where you could possibly fall off is stay put. Ironically, for the ride to be much more tolerable, you need to move away from the handles (you can even let go!!) and let the harness hold your weight.

Then there's the Sky Walk which is not a ride, It's probably the most boring, but if selfies are your thing, the unobstructed view is a perfect backdrop.

Funicular comes next, a short ride going up and down once. Be thankful for this since you would sh*t bricks on the final activity. If you ask me this is just a diversion for Superman.

Superman is like tree drop only that you do it horizontally. You get to have yourself harnessed with two sticks to support both your arms and legs. The initial pull from the station was overly unexpected I had a moment of scare. When it started to go forwards again, I could say they've saved the best for last. Sure, the trek up and down the stairs are a pain on the legs, but this was all worth it.

It started to rain once we're walking on the first of the canopy rides that will take us back. They let us wear ponchos as soon as it started to wane. It seems like they've stopped having people in because we didn't have to wait for our rides back.

Back at the main station, we got ourselves a couple of photos. We would have had everything but it was too expensive: 250 pesos each print, even if you get it saved on your own device. It was that steep that the Koreans before us tried to trick the girl at the counter by taking a photo of the screen while she was browsing for them to pick. They left laughing.

We got PACKAGE H, which included everything I have said there, amounting to 1000php. The park gets you to pay 100 php entrance, reimbursable if you get any package. Seems like even if you want to just walk around the grounds you still have to pay.

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