T&J Travels: Baguio 2015 (Part 4)

- City Center Hotel-

For the last times I've been to Baguio we've stayed at Hotel 45. But this time though they were fully booked at the time we wanted; it's a long weekend after all. This was a very good recommend from one of my closest friends,  since it's right smack at the Session Road, near different restaurants, wet and dry market, a fairly stocked supermarket is on the same row as it is and is accessible to taxis and near Burnham Park. It's also new.

It was fairly clean and simple:

I absolutely loved the shower with the enclosure. I don't like the showerhead though (those tiny holes freak me out. I just found out I have Trypophobia) but thank goodness they have a really good heater (which unfortunately Hotel 45 lacks)

For 2100 we got breakfast for two, wifi access and a clean overnight stay. Sadly though they don't stock toiletries. They also don't have a bidet installed.

- Burnham Park -

As part of Reagan's project of teaching me skills I failed to learn when young, no matter what happens my bicycle training could not be left out. We rented a bicycle for 40 pesos good for 1 hour.

You have got to award Reagan for putting up with my inability to finish his course for an hour. He was extremely patient to say the least. I wish I was able to capture his face when I almost made it the first time, he looked really proud! I wish we had more time to finish.

- Mines View Park -

This was always full but not this much when we've been. It's like everyone was there that morning! We even had to walk just to get there because our taxi didn't want to get stuck on the ridiculous queue of private and public vehicles.

Arriving I could not believe that the place had any more room for improvement from the last time I've been. I remembered it to be crowded with commercialism already but not at this extent! They have now installed a gate and an ongoing new building and expansion. It was hard to take a photo with all the people around.

60 (or was it 50?) pesos per 2 shots

After our pasalubong shopping and snacks in the form of grilled corn and strawberry taho, we left as soon as we can.

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