Not a Book Review of A Brave New World and 2015 Nonsense

Yes this is not.

I just want to vent out my frustrations on why I can't finish this book.

Early this year, I had the ff. on my tasks:

1. Lose Weight (lame attempts)
2. Post anything in a month
3. Learn a new language (after my short lived Nihongo classes)
4. Read a book each month (so far so good....or so I think)
5. Travel more!

Losing Weight
I attempted gym and boxing and have lost interest in that for now. Gym, (I haven't renewed membership) was OK for a while (I even have a gym buddy) but I'm trying to replenish funds for now so that has to wait. Boxing was awesome, I felt like I'm getting stronger but I can't find a better coach, (left for vacation and ended up working overseas) and the one he left was too strong for me. I swear I would end up having injuries if I kept it up. So what happened now is me doing this diet thing. I'm on my 2nd week (1500 calories) and so far so good. As of writing I wanted to eat chocolate and Tortillos with salsa but I'm too lazy to go to the grocery. And upon checking, I could only spend 1.74php for this month. I still have 2 days.


I could not make it a week without sweets I cheated. I just felt sick eating chicken almost twice a day. I needed something that would remove the taste of it from my mouth.

Post anything in a month
In my quest to be able to publish a real novel, I have this need to get back to writing. I notice how my words come redundant and my vocabulary have not increased after all this time so blogging would be a good exercise.

Learn a new language
Ironic that I've already received my Japanese certificate (just for that class) when I can hardly remember how to even read the basic Hiragana/Katakana. By now I'm trying to finish the app Duolingo and do an exercise a day. I'm so far behind Reagan's score, but I'm happy having someone to keep tabs on my progress. Or probably insult my slow comprehension. Sometimes I could not understand my boyfriend LITERALLY may I add, anymore hahaha!

Read a book each month
Just like everything else, having someone in your life who loves books will not only motivate you to catch up but they can also give you their views on how good a book is. Recommendations that spare me from the heartache and waste of time. Although the arrangement is far from perfect, at least I have a new found source.

I do have mental lists of what I think I should read, and what do you know, surprisingly, one of them exists in my READ-WHENEVER-YOU-FEEL-LIKE-IT-PILE: A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Unfortunately though this classic is killing me to death. It's almost May and I'm not even half of the total pages. AND IT'S NOT EVEN 200 PAGES! This sucks. I only have tonight and tomorrow for this. I don't know which I hate more, the style or the theme. My head just can't process it that much. Goodluck to me!

Travel more!
To be realistic, I should only do a few local travelling so I can save up. Tomorrow would be our Baguio trip AND this maybe the last for this quarter... unless... :-D

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