Lash-ting Impressions @ Stylash (3.29.2015)

Hair done. Nails done. Now I'm onto the last part of my #AngLandiLandiKoProject-- lashes.

Lately I've been really happy with my ELF lash curler that worked really effectively on my eyelashes even without a mascara, but there came an opening near my place of Stylash. Call it peer pressure, or the innate weakness of women upon hearing the word discount, it made me really willing to try. I haven't had fake lashes on me semi permanently but I do remember using some from my wedding attendance makeups.

So anyways, the sale was for a 50% discount so I got the most expensive one because I'm a sucker that way. I chose Full Diva (1600 srp, 800 for this visit), J Shaped. Full Diva, because it's 300 mink lashes (half on each eye), and J Shaped because I don't want it to be really curly (C Shaped). I was told that the session would last about an hour.

I was the fourth to be serviced (no need to wait, I was really next when I came) and was assisted to lie down. I was told not to open my eyes for the entire session, to which I complied, scaring myself that if I do so out of mere curiosity, the attendant's tweezers may find themselves in the middle of my eyeball.

She went to work, plastering me with tapes near my eyes to cover possible glue spills. After that, she glued the mink lashes on my real ones. I don't know if I've already slept but I remembered going in and out when I hear someone speaking.

The removal bought a bit discomfort. Some of the glue found their way on the the bottom ones, for which she have to flick it away for me to open my eyes. The first time I opened my eyes I remembered being so shocked at how lengthy my lashes have been! I immediately transformed to a drag queen all of a sudden. I wanted to have them trimmed but my stylist said no, saying it's already good. I went out feeling ridiculous of new look.

Shock went away as soon as I've settled looking at my reflection multiple times. It looks like as if I have eye makeup even if I don't have any. The next day, officemates noticed the difference and thought it looks good on me too.

You could literally say you woke up with these eyes!!

After care:

I'm not sure if I would be under going this a second time due to the limitations I get in taking a bath. I have to take care that area of my face that should not be harshly poured down by water. I have no ability to open my eyes with water* too, which makes it all the harder.

*I do not swim hence the inability. I remembered one time when an irritant was in my eye I could not get out, my sister suggested me opening my eyes on a tub of water. I did and semi-drowned because when I dipped my open-eyed face on the water, I screamed at the last moment, water rushing on my mouth. Yes. Stupid.