Our Korean Day at Megamall (7.20.2014)


I rarely attend events now where I have to rub a lot of elbows but after a good enough pleading I have gone with my sisters to a Kpop event I don't follow any of it so I have no idea what to expect.

We got there I think almost around lunch time. The line was reminiscent of the ones we had at the LG sale, only this time, THEY WERE ACTUALLY LETTING US IN! We almost missed the very ground floor, just a step or two away but after being judgmental on the people on the queue we were finally in. (Tickets were 190 pesos).

I am no newbie when it comes to conventions and the number of people made my hopes soar high up. I was expecting colorful and fun and lively and ...

Ain't that disappointing. The entire area was bland. There were two stages, both at the ends of the entire hall, a few stalls you would expect, Mogu-Mogu, Bonchon, Melona and Pinoy owned "Korean shops" that sells caps, bags, etc. It was far from my expectations I wonder if majority of the ticket price was just to cover the halls. I mean there are so many things they would added to not have so much space put to waste. Like for instance, Koreans are well known for their makeup and what do we have, Face shop. COME.ON. There are tons of Korean stores in the country! There's Etude, Laneage and Too Good For School to name a few. And as for food. Really? Just Bonchon? Kyochon has just opened downstairs! And has no one invited KCC? What a bore. It's like the meeting board was, hey why won't we charge kids to pay for a hall so we can just let them stay there for a few hours? We can charge 190 for it!

Now the stage on the left was cramped, and badly lit so we didn't stayed for too long. The tiangges on the side of the rightmost stage are also filled with kids wanting to buy some overpriced goody that I would bet most probably be just any random item stamped with their favorite band. It's sad but when you're a fan, regardless of what that is you'd blindly buy one.

So anyways, I've already been out and came back (I'm starting to have headaches due to extreme teenage hormones) just to know what happened to my sisters. So I was at the stage on the right watching what was happening. For some reason, these flock of kids aren't the shy ones in my generation. They were loud and dancing at every song. I could not imagine to witness girls screaming just because they saw their Korean crush on the large screen. I suppose when you're young no matter how many times you've seen someone on TV you'd still be as excited.

Surprisingly I find it hilarious how said kids are excited to be up on stage and just dancing. They'd be requesting songs and didn't need to be told twice JUST TO DANCE. And they were so happy! That's just awesome. Here's a clip:

And also, there's this group who I think was emulating a Korean boyband. It's amazing to know they have fans:

In all fairness they dance better than most "artistas" in this country

This is wonderful. I didn't knew I captured this at the right time until I checked my shots. It's like they're all flying!

A few performances more and I called it a day. We haven't had any proper lunch so I invited my sisters to Kyochon.

Kyochon ---------------------

I was able to eat takeout once from a company meeting and I already know what to expect but wanted to take them just for this whole Korean day thing. I knew it was expensive but damn. It is much harder now since I'm paying for it.

Kimchi rice That was 90++ php. Imagine half rice serving.

We got two flavors, Original and Honey, both small. It's 149 each. Believe me when I say my fingers are much fatter.

Want to know more about your date? Take her here since there is nothing for you to do for almost 20 minutes.

I guess I much prefer the taste here (in comparison with Bonchon) BUT I don't think I would come back though. I mean 600++ for a lunch of 3 and we're not even filled. I did prove a point though. None of my sisters would voluntarily ask me to take them here anymore. 

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