LG: We came, we saw, we were fooled. (11.13.10)

Dear LG,


I wanted to thank you how you ruined my date last Saturday. Imagine, 4 hours of our date was spent sitting on those hard steps of SM Megamall. We even ate lunch at a takeout from a fastfood joint which we haven't done for the past months of dating not until today. That mother who was complaining how she can't leave the line to eat and her blood sugar were down must be also thankful. I wonder if you rushed her to the hospital in courtesy.

Thank you for bringing our hopes up that no matter how long the line is, for as long as we are IN THE LINE from 2-3 we atleast will get something from you. For all we know you only went to as far as giving out stubs to less than a 100 people. And those people who are so fortunate to get in are either your parents, friends, sales ladies or fitness first employees. The rest of us are left to be told that 'please stay on the line, WE MAY BE ABLE TO DO AN EXTENSION' (yes, this statement was from this LG girl in black and said she was in the ticketing).

Thank you for bringing up the hype by advertising it in newspapers, radio and sites only to be dismayed by supporting only a handful of people. You should have just added in your advertisements that the promo is only open FOR 20 LUCKY so called customers a.k.a SM EMPLOYEES. Thank you for making us see how pathetic your entire team of people were by making the rest of us wait when you can simply tell us to f*ck off when the line was getting longer.

Thank you for taking our photos, how the line snaked from the 4th floor to basement and back just so you can file reports that you have served this many when I believe in a conspiracy theory that only those employees of yours had the upper hand in getting the units beforehand.

Thank you LG. I would never, never, ever go to any of your promos in the future. I doubt none of those who came will ever too.


  1. I feel your pain. If it's too good to be true. It is.

  2. but I might give in into buying after 30 days. oh well. I just hated the employees not the product.