TME: Korean Culture Center

So my Korean addict sister failed to attend the Korean Festival of sorts of KCC the last time so she ended up closely monitoring the site for future events. One of which was the free movie showing on site.

After work they came to fetch me (she was able to convince our parents to come with) and so started our not so nice first time trip from SM Megamall to Taguig. I don't have a car of my own yet so in spite of travelling to and fro quite a few times (the latest was me and my java counterpart, our system user and our boss went to S&R just to eat at their food section; we even went undertime wahaha) I've no idea which direction to use. I did print a not so helpful map so we ended up asking almost every step of the way.

6:30 was the call time and we arrived 10 mins late. We almost lost hope when we reached St.Luke's but to everybody's relief KCC is a stone's throw away from the hospital. And learning of where it is I also now know where Garage 88 is :-D

The movie was Sunny, a reunion movie of childhood friends meeting up after spending so much time apart. It was the last wish of one of the girls in the group who has cancer and is only counting for her days. Like most Korean movies I've watched before, the comedy is so refreshing and new. The mediocre concept was enhanced by unexpected twists and details that make each scene interesting. I appreciate the movie so much. What's more, it is funny hearing everyne's reaction to some scenes. How everyone laughs in chorus, gasp in chorus, get giddy in chorus is also an added entertainment bonus.

It's a shame that I didn't thought of bringing my camera given that they allow visitors to photograph the place. It is a cute center that can make any Korean fan drool. There's even a fans group who went there complete with their banner.

Next time, hopefully there is, I would love to come back. Maybe for a movie, or to their festival. I'm sure it will be fun.