SNAP: Volume Rebond at Beauty Brick (6.29.2013)

You've already read my perm last time, and a year later (yes I've been out of the salon for a year), my locks have grown so long it takes me a long time to finish my bath. So, with much deliberation, I decided to have them cut and rebonded at Beauty Brick.

While Beauty Brick is known for their Digital Perms, I wanted to believe that they will do a good job straightening my hair back to what it was before my perm. So I decided to have a Volume Rebond. A friend of mine wanted a volume rebond too, but was suggested that, unlike the name, it won't make limp hair earn "volume", but rather, be treated as your ol' regular rebond.

So while she's having her first digital perm (I never thought it would look good for short hair), I am now having my hair rebonded.

Steps are:

1. Washing of Hair
2. Drying (Cutting)
3. 1st Treatment + heat
4. Wash
5. Ironing (The most exhausting part)
6. 2nd/3rd Treatment
7. Wash
8. Drying
9. Cutting/Finishing

We clocked in at 8am, I ended up at 12pm (my friend was done an hour earlier can you imagine). Be reminded that it's a Saturday and there are a handful of perming clients. So basically, if you happen to be in a schedule where there aren't enough people, you will finish earlier. Plus, it also depends on how curly your hair was prior. My hair have always been straight but have annoying wavy shapes near my face and the only solution I can think of is rebond, so here I am again.

So what's the difference with just a Rebond? 

Nothing much, I guess. The ironing involves curls at the very tips of hair, the end result being much acceptable than your old rebond. Just imagine having your hair rebonded but not too annoying straight. It's like how fabulous your rebonded hair gets days/weeks later after tons of wash. I've proven this with my sister who thought I just had my hair cut.


1. You can wash it as soon as you come home with conditioner. After 3 days you can resume with your shampoo.

2. Never leave the house with wet hair (oh man!!) and instead of recommending blow dry, they just advised to dry it, head down in front of an electric fan.

3. Any essence will do but JUST at the tips of the hair.

The price was 4500 (less 10% for regular/previous clients) and yeah, it's really expensive but hey, I haven't visited the salon for a year so it's still somewhat a save for me. I'll start counting down how long this lasts :-)

Oh, here's the end result:

The rightmost photo didn't do it much justice haha!



  1. do you have a photo of your friend's permed hair? and how short was her hair when she availed of the treatment?

    1. nope. i tried asking her nicely but she won't budge haha! her hair is above shoulder. it looked cute on her. she looked much younger because of it

  2. How much did it cost you? Did your hair retained its curved ends or you have to blowdry every now and then?

    1. for the cost i've already mentioned in the blog.

      no, i don't blowdry hair (i'm stupidly lazy) but it did retain it's straightness :-)

  3. Where is Beauty Brick ?

    1. I've posted the address and map here:

      you know it's there when you see the red ribbon restaurant

  4. Hi! I know you've had your rebond ages ago already but just wondering if they would put curlers at the tips? Didn't see that step kasi. Thanks!