SNAP: Digiperm at Beauty Brick

My mom is having a rebond as we speak so I'll be using this time to blog about my experience here in Beauty Brick.

My digiperm hair has long been overdue and it's all attributed to not seeing a really good salon where to have one. I'm also skeptical on how it will look at my round face so I kept on stalling. But when my mom requested for a rebond, I took the chance to also have my hair done. I can't recall exactly how I found the salon online in the first place, but I was so glad I did. I have only stumbled one account of how their hair was fried due to long exposure of medicine AND that was because their staff was not able to handle them all at once. It was a holiday. So I decided to make an appointment on a workday, today, Monday.

We came there 30mins early but prompt out for breakfast, which is actually hard when everyone actually greets each one that comes the door. My inner (not, not Goddess, E.L. James) introvert self almost ran out of the unexpected attention.

When we came back they are already shampooing one customer. My mom and I followed her right after. Atleast we came early. I was able to see their appointment list and

My mom is still up for an hour, sigh...

There are only 2 medicines that are put on to the hair (if you minus the keratin and other tiny stuff), one after the shampoo/blowdry and the other one after the machine. It is followed by a blowdry and finishing hair cut (you get a hair cut initially) for the bangs and whoala! It's already done. I forgot the time when we went in, but if it was 1030, I was done by 1. Cool.

Things to love, expect and experience:

- Everyone is super friendly. Yes, super, with a cape. I rarely talk with my hairstylist but they are all nice and talkative in a good way.

- Shin-san speaks much Japanese but they do have a well versed translator for the two of you to converse. I didn't try to be a smarty pants and bother speak in Nihongo. I have plans of returning so embarassing myself is not an option

- You don't get just one person to fix you. There are a lot of hands who will be handling your hair and they are very service oriented, they ask you your preferred water, if the heater is set to hot, if you feel an allergy coming and even the bag! Oh gosh. They actually have seats for your bags! You even get a throw pillow for your hands! How can you not leave a tip for that!

- My treatment cost was 3500 (digiperm) and my mom's was 3900 (rebond). I think it was a promo for her because it was not your regular treatment.

- The tip is shared by everyone. Like I mean everyone. When you leave something at the cashier, everyone will hear about it. I think that's wonderful.

- For introverts, yes, bring a photo of your dream hair. I used to bring a photo of what I like but never get to show it off because I'm too shy to say I have something I want. So when they asked me if there is a photo I would like to have my hair be like, I came unprepared. :-(

- They suggest what is good for you. I wanted the large curls but they convinced me of a medium curler. They say it will eventually loosen so better start with a good curl to make it last much longer. I can't wait to wash my hair already!

- After everything else, they provide you with tips for the maintenance even if you don't ask.

- Everyone knows how to help each other. You can't see anyone just gossiping away. They help each other out to the point that it is not entirely impossible for each one of them to have not experienced doing something with your hair.

- Digiperm maintenance is scrunch, a bit of wax and essence, and NO need for blowdry. This is just too perfect! You can simply just go out of the house with wet hair, curling it in front with your fingers. I almost said I was way ahead of you girl! Hahaha.

So the big question. How are my curls?

Of course I love it. :-D Can't wait to see my boyfriend! Yes they do look so goldilocksy now, but it will loosen after a while. I do love the outcome today. I hope I can maintain this type of hair! I'm excited to wash this tomorrow!

Beauty Brick
Unit 103 Dona Consolacion Bldg.
122 Jupiter St. Bel-Air, Makati City

Here's a google map for you:

Note: Keep your eyes open. It is inside the building itself so it's easy to miss. On it's left is RCBC and Red Ribbon on the right.


Digiperm Day 1
Digiperm Day 6
Digiperm Months Later


  1. hi! your curls are really nice :) and i can relate to being shy and dilemma is actually how to give a tip and how much :P i have a few questions though:
    1. how long after can you wash your hair?
    2. how long after can you tie your hair?
    3. and how did you leave a tip? :)

    thank you!!

    1. 1. you can wash it as soin as you come home. although i did mine the next day.
      2. you can tie your hair immediately. i found out that having my hair in a bun actually made the curls extra big. at one time pa nga, super koreana look daw ako because of the hair!
      3. when i paid may sobra kasi na 200 ata. just leave it at the counter, you can opt to not get your change or maggpasobra ka talaga.

      btw, it's been months and my curls ar super cute pa din! highly recommended ko talaga si beauty brick :-)