The Cordillera Road Trip: EP16: Sagada to Baguio Sightseeing

As planned we went out of Sagada as early as we can. We weren't able to do lots of stuff here but I intend to go back anyway. Plus there is a concert I need to go to right after this and that I can't miss :-D so we have to make do on the time limit we have.

A lot of people recommend Kiltepan Peak for sunrise but I think we had a taste of it somehow when we snaked out of Sagada. Higher above the clouds it's a breath taking view. There is no sun yet but cloud rising beneath (yes you read it right) the mountains is something you have to see in real life to appreciate. Everyone of us was just in awe.

Two things we weren't able to do going down was eating breakfast and filling up gas. We suppose that there are lots of choices out there since we're not the only ones travelling, right? Well. Sort of.

This station right here doesn't have rice meals but we were greeted by friendly dogs and chickens. We left without eating anything (except my youngest sister who had instant noodles) but the dogs surely were. They compete on who gets to get bread, that even the chickens started to notice the free food and went in on the frenzy.

Ohh free advertisment :-P

The best catcher is the middle one

It is Mountain View Cafe after all :-)

On one of the curves, we notice a very small, easy to miss sign:

Imagine that you're in the mountain driving. Imagine how high that is. Now imagine, from there, you need to go up in a ridiculous incline much higher and much narrower. That's exactly how it is. My father accepted the challenge only that when we reached a few guys sorting flowers, they told us that our car can't go any further and we need to walk at least 2 kms more to see the Mummies. Unfortunately, like you can see on the photo, the sun is up already. While 2 kms is not really that far, we do have a schedule to follow ( so we ended up backing down. But now I know that there's this gem hidden along the highway. I will surely do a trip next time here!

Next stop would have to be this point:

It's not Mt. Everest but seeing the sign can make anyone's psych feel a sense of achievement even we haven't hiked all the way up here. Plus, the mountain range view is a wonder: