Concert: The Script: My Lucky Break (March 31 2013)

The Road to...

For the past weeks I have already accepted that I won't see them once more because the time I decided to buy a ticket, not a single one was available. For days I couldn't bear listening to them as it pains me so bad. But one night, when I went home early, Reagan gave me a tip that they were now selling tickets again!! Hastily, without questions asked, I bought the best seats I could ever get. Phew!

The Day...

Fresh from our Sagada Road trip, I still have enough energy and was really excited that after all this time I was still able to go. We arrived there around 8 and you got to believe that the place is sold out by the line outside! And when we got in, what do you know, this is more than last time we've been there and it's so overwhelming.

There's no front act again, in much favor to me because we still have time to eat our dinner (burgers) and prepare for a whole night of standing. A few minutes before 9 the lights are dimmed, and the crowd went in a frenzy.

First song was "Good 'Ol 39 Days" which I correctly guessed because it sounds like a good opening song. Too bad I haven't worn a red dress but then Danny changed lyrics so it's kind of okay after all. Much to everyone's benefit, it was a myriad of all 3 albums. Actually I did thought that the concert won't do that well if it's just the 3rd album (#3) because it was more rap than actual singing. Their trademark lyrics are there yes, but last time they were here it was Karaoke Night, this time around though, you could totally separate who loved the band's entire set than those who are there to listen to the live version of "The Man Who Can't Be Moved".

They have another photo op once again, which I truly appreciate of them doing because they look so proud of the fans who went there to watch. They even have Easter Bunnies come up stage!

One of the highlights of the night is how Danny asked for someone to call an ex and what he did was probably the most unselfish thing you could ever do to an ex--have him listen to an international singer via phone, live! If it was me on the line and I loved The Script I would have recorded it and bragged it to everyone!

Last song was "Hall of Fame" and Danny's voice kind of changed already. I only noticed this while listening to my recording (Reagan spotted it first). And nearing the end of the song we were bathed in an endless stream of crepe paper (currently listening to it, I hope I'm not the one badly screaming). This time my video cam is nearing it's last drop of battery. I was able to record up to the end of the extended song and to my misery, even after the crepe paper shower, they went for a 'second' serving of encore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, calm down.

By the time my camera was already sending signals it's almost out, I have my phone ready for back up and there it was, dying on me in the middle of the last song. T_T. I was able to salvage it through my phone, only obviously it wasn't as good as the rest of the recordings. But oh well. In case you are wondering what the last song was? It was the same first song. If it was totally out of the plan or what, they sure have made every fan really happy for the night. I know I really am.


One of them videos here
Le Gallery here

Both are taken via Sony PJ230