SNAP: Deovir - Polymer Oasis (10.20.12)

My friend Meanne, who was with me on the Polymer workshop last month being the social butterfly she is, have in spite not having extensive experience, already have orders from her bunch of friends. It is amazing how this happened to her and I'm totally happy for her, but first, we need to find raw materials for it.

Someone gave her a tip that polymers are available at Sto.Cristo St somewhere in Divisoria. We got to so many places, bought silly little things: ribbons and the like but not a single polymer in site. We finally gave up and decided for Deovir instead.

We have no idea where the place is and I was too busy to have forgotten to reasearch on how to get there. We have actually ended up walking up to Quiapo church and asking the only guy who knew the place. How ironic that the only knowledgeable guy took us that far to have asked, the rest of them were just oblivious, hell I don't think they even have an idea what polymer or craft is :-(

So anyway, for the sake of you dear reader, in case you find your self looking for the place, it is just infront if Isetann, right at the corner. It's easy to miss, even their signage is old, but just be attentive to the only store that looked like they're selling crafts.

Although I have expected a large store where you can roam around, this dampened my excitement to almost half. I really would have bought more items if only I'd know what are available and if they're in display. The place is stacked with stuff over each other and it is simply hard to guess what's behind or underneath an item. Oh well, no panic buying for me :-(

Below is my stash, costing me around 1700++. It is an expensive hobby but I knew this would be one I'd keep.

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