SNAP: Polymer Clay Workshop at Provenance Designs and Crafts

Yesterday, my friend and I attended a workshop at FullyBooked at BGC. I have always loved dealing with crafty stuff (scrapbook obviously) and this is the first time I have tried a polymer medium. I don't know why I suddenly was interested, but what I did weeks before was to send out emails to polymer shops and inquire for their next workshops. The first one to have replied was Provenance Designs and Crafts. There was another one who did reply but she was too late because I have already paid the initial deposit.

The workshop was held at the 4th floor of Fullybooked, which is just right for the small group of attendees. There is the Basic, Advanced and Repeat workshops. You can choose if you just want the Basic or you can have both Basic and Advanced. The Repeat workshop (I think this is not what it's called even) are far more advanced than what we were doing and seeing them makes me want to aspire that level too.

Anyway, they usually just show you how the most basic design is done, give you tips and are helpful in giving out suggestions. They also give out a basic kit that consists of:

a manual
6 colors of polymer clay
assorted pins, hooks, a magnet, etc.

On your table you also get a cup for the TSL, a popsicle stick, a mat, and a brush. For the rest of the items, you can always borrow, like clay softener, dotting tool, pastel, etc.

Part of your payment also goes to your lunch and snacks, which is enough to get you through the day not walking out of the room.

Things to expect:

Video recording is allowed for as long as it is for your own consumption.

The items you have received is well enough for your workshop needs (although skin colored clay was provided later on)

This is much too harder than your regular Play Doh clay. My hands ache still.

Tools are overwhelmingly plenty so I might email them for what tools do I need as a beginner.

I felt like the workshop was rushed by the end, OR they have just not anticipated how slow our group are haha

They allow you to be creative on your own. My projects except for the Photo transfer and the cookie are proudly my designs. These two plus the lollipop and donut were my cramming projects.

Workshop details as emailed, (they are really patient with me with the schedule), cost was 2500 (with a 10% discount for those who have paid early)

Basic and Advance Polymer Clay Workshop - Sept. 30, Sunday (1:00 pm - 6:00 pm)
1. Pastries
2. Drinks and snack
3. Photo transfer tutorial
4. Nameplate tutorial
5. Chibi Doll tutorial
6. Cakes and frosting

Fruits of my labor (lol)

My mom almost choked in her water when she saw this chibified me haha