Shorties: HP7 Goodbye Part 2

It’s been weeks (July 15, 2011) since I’ve seen the last movie (and years since I’ve finished the book; and yes, I”ve cried too) and I still can’t come up with my own goodbye part 2. I have too many draft entries but nothing I can come up with that would make a very nice tribute and you could say I gave up. But I guess this is my subconscious saying I shouldn’t allow myself to let go of the HP universe until I grow old. So I’ve decided I won’t say goodbye at all. Not now.

I’ve left this unopened since I’ve read most of the books when I was in college and was still a regular reader at PB Greenbelt. Deathly hallows was bought on the day of the release but the compilation wasn’t ready yet so I decided to buy the last one first (since I can’t bear anyone knowing the end before me haha) before I finally bought the entire collection.

Part 1 Goodbye Part 1