HP7: Goodbye Part 1

Although it isn't obvious, I have semi-dismissed my movie reviews (as if anyone would miss that haha). Anything I've seen starting from the last Resident Evil I haven't thought of writing but I'm making last Saturday's movie an exception-- the first part of Harry Potter 7.

With the thought of Rowling co-producing the last two movies me and my youngest sister have huge expectations. For anyone who have seen the last one and actually read the book, I'm betting that we all are much disappointed how the last film turned out. It skipped so many important things, the Elder wand was out of place and the amazing description of Dumbledore's funeral never took place. And since we are now saying goodbye to the series, it is most fitting that we get to see more of the celebrated franchise.

And so we watched. It wasn't in an IMAX cinema as I've promised before but because I thought that since there isn't a 3D moment, there is no use shelling that much money especially when I'm the one whose paying.

When the movie started to roll in, recollections of what I read started to surge in my memory, telling me what I need to expect for next. I haven't read the book since I read it years ago so I am sure I missed on a couple of things but nonetheless I think they got most of it right. Here are some frames that I think were tweaked/skipped out:

1. Hedwig was supposed to be in a cage. But the alteration of our beloved owl shielding Harry from an Avada Kedavra curse looked much heroic.

2. Lucius Malfoy's existence in the movie. This I only agreed on when my sister told me. I am not that 100% sure of this but the reason why I agreed with her is because for Draco to be the replacement of his father as a Death Eater, Lucius shouldn't be there in the first place. This is also heightened by what my sister told me, how the actor who played Lucius begged (in his knees) just to make it to the movie.

3. The missing Snorkack or Erumpent Horn as Hermione said. I believe that it has come into discussion with the 3 (harry, ron, hermie) what type of horn was it that they are seeing in the Lovegoods' house. It is what actually exploded when everyone was flying curses, verifying that it was indeed an Erumpent horn as Hermie argued.

4. While we are in the Snorkack/Erumpent business, this is also supposedly the scene where Hermione makes it obvious that Harry was indeed in the Lovegoods house. It is not shown on the film.

5. The scene where Hermie erases her parents memory is not described in the book BUT it did indeed happen. Although as I recall it, she only mentioned it to her friends.

6. Some lady actually talked to Harry and Hermione when they visited the Potter's house who said that the place has become an artifact/heritage site after what happened with Voldermort. Again, not in the movie.

7. Tent dancing scene didn't exist in the book.

8. Other than the awkward the nude kissing scene is not what I recall to happen. It was just too graphic.

Days later as I'm writing this I could not remember the rest of what I thought the minute I got out of the cinema but I can still recall how I got so emotional. Seeing Tonks and Lupin was the start of it (even if they'd still make it to the next) and then there's Mad-eye and Hedwig. I was also trembling when I saw one of the twins with the missing ear because it reminded me how one of them will die in the end. Last scene I thought that was heart wrenching was the moment that Bellatrix's last desperate move of throwing a knife to those who apparated signalling the death of one of Harry's elves.

I am much more satisfied with this one inspite of some inconsistencies, some I may not have written or noticed since it's been a while since I read the book. But now that Part 1 has passed, I dread for Part 2 to come.

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