Sushi Overload at Sakae Sushi (04.02.2011)

Sushi Overload at Sakae Sushi (04.02.2011)

I've heard so much about this place and I haven't had the time to even try before because they have this unlimited buffet from 2-6 which is so inconvenient. It's past last time and it's early dinner. But somehow when we decided to check it out today, I'd no idea they've lifted the curfew. Besides, the price has gone cheaper (or so I remembered) so we decided to give it a try.

Oh man I really thought their Tamago would taste awesome T_T

Like all who've loved eating sushi, obviously we were more than thrilled with the unlimited sushi available. We usually order by plate which can be go as much as 200++ depending on what type of sushi you're getting and where for that matter. So for 399, we've actually got ourselves a deal.
Yeap that's chicken on the right.

But that wasn't enough with my date so we still ordered ramen (offering good for two) and this Sakae Chawanmushi that surprised us. It tasted a lot like "Balot" but without the hairy chick! I feel bad I didn't get to finish it due to all our sushi. And speaking of sushi...

Sakae Chawanmushi - Balot in a cup

The moment we get to sit down we automatically grabbed all the plates that are on our side of the conveyor. The plates of sushi filled our table so fast, our table (we were on a table good for 4) barely have enough space when our miso soup and unlimited iced tea (both free from the buffet) was served.
At this moment it was hard to breathe.

Not a newbie with sushi here are our unanymous observations (there are 2 of us):

1. We rarely miss out Tamago so it's a shame they have our favorite so tasteless.
2. The rice they used demand extreme care that my date ended up using his finger for the sushi (I'm using the plate for assistance although that didn't help with the fish roe) because it kept on crumbling off. This also meant that it was extremely hard dipping it in soy sauce.
3. Nori was also tasteless and at the same time useless because it kept on unsticking to the sushi.
4. By the time we were so full did they had more red plates (the expensive ones). They also kept on repeating the same sushi in different plates (blue plate for 2 california maki and then there's the red one with 6 small california makis that didn't taste different at all)
5. The fish on top of the sushi are extremely thin. At one point it looked just like rice with nothing on top (but in close inspection a thin slice of the white meat of fish was on top)

The aftermath.

There you have it. Sushi overload. Although it's a bit disappointing. Maybe because it was not made by an actual chef but by a machine. Reminded me of that episode of Spongebob. I so miss Little Tokyo...

Price: Extremely cheap.
Taste: Of all that I've tasted here, I only enjoyed the one rolled in sesame seeds.
Service: Good
Overall verdict: Will be back only to beat the 23 plates which we haven't this time around. Or maybe the other offerings on the menu.

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