A Million Thanks, Lost (6.16.10)

Thank you Shannon, for making us realize that we need to learn the French language so that we can decipher a French distress call when we are stuck in an island.

Thank you Charlie for showing us that we can fight our addictions and become responsible. We also thank you for telling us that it is not Penny's boat.

Thank you Sawyer for breaking the myth that all bad ass are idiots by showing us that you are passionate with the classics as well as guns, girls and booze. You also taught that 3 years is enough to let go of someone.

Thank you Boon, for telling us to believe in the teachings of our teacher.

Thank you Mr. Ecko for showing us that even in all adversities, we can always turn back to God.

Thank you Hugo/Hurley, for teaching us that a good heart is much more important than a big fat ass and if we win the lottery, diversify our investments to different companies, most especially anything related with selling fried chicken.

Thank you Kate, that because of your curiosity and no one likes you around, have shown us that we are at least useful if we poke our heads into somebody else's business.

Thank you Locke for teaching us to not let anyone tell us what we can and cannot do and that it is possible to accurately predict rainfall.

Thank you Juliet, for showing us an example by detonating a bomb on top of you the power of sacrifice for everybody's good.

Thank you Ben, for showing us the importance of having a well laid out plan, to always have back up plans if all else fails and a handful of C5 in our closets.

Thank you Desmond and Penny, in inspiring us to have our own constant so that when we start jumping in and out of time we can have an anchor to find ourselves and be normal again.

Thank you Daniel, for explaining to us in layman's terms, the best by far, what the hell happens in time travel and the preservation of self-consistency (instead of that other series that changed the future leaving his girlfriend alone there non-existent just like that).

Thank you Rose and Bernard for reminding us that simply having each other (and a dog) is enough even we are stuck in an island jumping through time.

Thank you Widmore, for letting us realize that even if all the rules in the world conspire against us, there is always a way if the will is strong, most especially if we are as filthy rich as you.

Thank you Sayid for teaching us that we should forgive ourselves first, even with all of our past mistakes and that for as long as we live, we always have a chance to redeem ourselves. You have also shown us that there is no problem being in an interracial relationship and becoming a zombie for that matter.

Thank you Sun and Jin, to believe that not any kind of distance, whether physical or time should be a hindrance for an endless kind of love.

Thank you Miles, for making us believe in duct tape even if we don't believe in a lot of things.

Thank you Alana, for teaching us to not put any explosives in our backpacks as it may explode.

Thank you Richard for teaching us the value of loyalty, no matter how we fail to see the reasons behind the commands, no matter how absurd or questionable it is that are given upon us.

Thank you Jacob, for telling us that each one of us have some reason why we are here and to be calm in the face of adversity.

Thank you Jack, that even as a man of science, we can become believers too even if it means going to hell and back.

Thank you Smoke Monster for telling us to believe that there is somewhere far out in the island that we must explore, even if brought to think otherwise.

Thank you Island, for teaching us that we should go on with our ways no matter how bad it is, until our purpose is finished.

Thank you Lindelof, Cuse, Abrams and the rest of the crew of Lost for six full years of questions, mystery, intrigue and myth. It will be a long time before some series can have the same "Lost experience". Thank you so much.

Image: http://www.geekologie.com/2009/04/29/lost%20cake%201.jpg