Hurt Locker won. Why am I not surprised? (3.9.10)

Out of all the 10 nominees, Hurt Locker won. No surprise there. Obviously when a movie is about war or soldiers it is bound to win. Much more like independent movies with themes in poverty and homosexuality.

Reminds me of that article I read that you have to remember who does the judging. I distinctly remembered he wrote 'old people who rarely got out'. So the win went to the one who has a producer desperate enough to send out 'vote for us because our movie has more sense than the gazillion profited one our director's exhusband made' emails.

As much as the movie goes I don't have any idea if it was indeed good. I haven't watched it yet nor am I planning anytime soon. But oh well. This is just me bitter that two of my (newly added) favorite films* of all time hasn't won any major award (I think Up won something but not that of a big deal) which though not a judge knew that the only thing that makes me bet for them is my loyalty to liking them inspite of what I know is THE MOST OBVIOUS to win. In the end, as far as it goes, the judges may have broaden the spectrum in terms of nominees but at the end of the day** they would always go to the things they are most accustomed to.

*Up and District 9
**darn i used a nonsense phrase!!

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