Everything Is Illuminated (1.4.09)

Genre: Other
3 Stars may sound bad (please do not compare my reviews from different movies, that would be unfair. My ratings are solely for one movie at a time and not a competition amongst them, probably for comparing remakes, though I’m not really sure yet) but I can’t really feel some sort of connection with this one, probably because of my high expectations when I saw this busted (not exactly or I couldn’t have watched it) copy in Video City (yes, I find myself fortunate to find titles that looks enticing and unheard of by my common friends which is a huge plus) about a collector, yeap, you guessed it right, someone like myself (but not that extreme). I forgot how much I got it but I’m fine I haven’t spent so much on it.

Jonathan (Elijah Wood) collects everything and anything that marks a certain memory. Part of his collection are a sandwich, his grandma’s false teeth and on the film collected dirt from the river bank that is also a grave of the community that once lived there, the sad potato that was served to him at dinner and the grasshopper he found on the sunflower fields on his journey in search of his grandfather’s saviour.

The plot is simple but wasn’t plain, like there was some sort of edge to it somehow and the fact that they focused on a few characters is something similar films about finding someone’s heritage or town or whatever should at least do as well to concentrate more on the story and the characters as well. I also loved the background music which gave me a nostalgic feeling like as if I was the one going home and would I ever forget the neurotic dog Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.?

Too bad I’ve watched Borat a long time ago that it sadly influenced my recognition towards that certain accent that equates it to that movie. Another thing I noticed was how Alex’s grandfather managed to still walk away without a scratch on the firing squad. I didn’t know if it was explained and if it was, I could never recall when. I’ve also tried to lessen the time I was staring at Wood because he was wearing glasses again and he reminds me so bad of his character in Sin City and I am dead scared of him there.

I found the narration good and the one writing the chapters I thought was Jonathan’s handwriting only to reveal in the end that it was his companion, Alex who is indeed a dynamic (as he can get) character. But I’d say I wasn’t really satisfied, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t that good either that I’d buy the DVD copy. But I would treasure this one that I have that at least it wasn’t disappointing and I knew I’ve appreciated every frame of it.