ANBSR: Breaking Dawn

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author:Stephenie Meyer
Breaking Dawn (12/6/08)

Since I'm testing my extraction, I will use this time to write my review on this book (but now I'm typing it on notepad after scribbling it on paper days back).

The last and fourth installment of the series (a friend told me so, the 5th, Midnight Sun, for those unaware, is still Twilight, just the Edward version. I'm currently reading a draft on my spare time though I don't intend on 'actually' reading it... I can't find a real copy... sorry... besides I'm reading a different book at this moment), I am disappointed that the saga ended so soon. Aww. I even thought of stopping abruptly only to realize I couldn't stop myself (when did I ever anyway?) in reading the next chapters (I really need to step it up if I wanted to finish those other books I'm itching to read) on finding out what will happen next especially when my (obvious) assumption happened -- sooner or later, the Volturi would be agitated. But disappointingly, even if they did, not a droplet of blood was shed on what I call 'The Judgement' (oh, minus Irina who sacrificed herself after her selfish act) beside the elks, tiger and blood from Bella's labor.

Speaking of Bella's pregnancy, that took me a while to have the thought in the deep recesses of my head, maybe because I ruled that out but, wow. THAT is a brilliant idea. Everything totally fit in with this one.

There are things I wanted to point out though. Like Jacob's imprinting. Now that is a sneaky one. It is charming, Jacob finally loving someone other than Bella but 'Their (Bella & Edward's) daughter?!!!' Argh. Too much. Guess that's where the anti-aging part comes in handy eh?

And still on Jacob. Now let me correct again, for another mistake, he is not a werewolf. He is just a human with a gene that can turn him in a wolf. Ok, fine, move on.

Another noticeable factor is that the brewing brawl of the Volturi with the Cullens & friends was such a wonderful idea, but then it never really happened. It's like instead of escalating further, Meyer toned it as soon as she can, no fight, no way those powers were put to use (It was just a ruse I tell you!!). What a waste of introducing new powerful characters, building up my anticipation that there WOULD be a nasty fight (Go violence! Haha) with nothing at all (cries...).

So, if you are to watch the movie, and if they are making it in the future, I do hope they'd do better than just an X-Men 3 (The Last Stand) rerun (oh pahleeasse), a movie filled with abilities you'd never see on field (well you will, but for a mere few seconds the movie can STAND (haha pun) without them. I will remind you of the Archangel character (gimme a break I can't remember his name!) who is not really ENTIRELY necessary to be on the film).

And oh. Before anything else, IT is filled with hmm... how would I put it, 'doing something at night which Edward has no means of doing before'. Great (sarcastic). My head now filled with vampire lust. Meyer didn't just make me wonder how breath taking his kisses are but how skillful he must be to uhm... aww. Let's forget I even mentioned it...

And so this might be the last of my reviews on the Twilight saga and I'd give the entire thing 3.5 stars (4 is for HP series. Sorry...). I wanted to thank Meyer for entertaining me, it is something to read really. But to those who are so used to Ms.Rice, no, this is not even close to her works. To those who are posing as vampires, no this is not it as well, it was never intended to pump your adrenalines, no, but if you are a teen or a young adult (or even if you just like the thought of reading it) who is looking for a romantic novel (you must be in a phase right now huh? nyahaha, but seriously, if you wanted a good read) with a different take of things (different, as in, life constantly in danger with two oh so magical something something creatures)? Well yes. This is it.


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