T&J Travels #3: Bohol 2015 (Part 2)

+ Man Made Forest +

Probably one of my favorites! We absolutely loved the breeze here, it is cold and worth coming back to and fro. We were told that the trees here are protected, that even if a tree does, it is just left to root on the side.


Fun fact: did you know that the trees right here are fruits of labor of students who were instructed to plant trees by Imelda Marcos so they can pass high school? Amazing.

+ Tarsier Sanctuary +


Really disappointing. Those photos of people neck and neck with tarsiers is a lie! You cannot go near those cute animals and while I know they are on night shift and prefer to sleep day time, I felt so broken hearted not being able to see then up close nor hold those fluffy fragile body. I know I know.

+ Pasalubong (Agad!!) +

Due to our frustration of not being able to squeeze a tarsier body (calm down we haven't done anything!) we just bought ourselves pasalubongs. Reagan has his standard shirt, I got my 3rd ref magnet. What's funny though is that Reagan got an expensive price for his because when we looked further at the stores, the price has marked down more than half! So good tip, shirts should not be more than 99 pesos! Peanut kisses are also sold by the bulk, we got 16pcs for 150 php. I had only asked once, the restaurant near the airport sells it at 200php.

+ Hanging Bridge +

A sign of the things to come, this is just a starter. There are two bridges to cross which is equally scary. I mean that really green river could harbor another Lolong!!


+ Loboc River Cruise +


Definitely a highlight of any tour, it will take some time before you can secure yourself a seat. Actually if you have a keen eye, you'd know there's another buffet cruise you've seen along the way but it seems like this is the go to between tourist guides. They provide you with a decent buffet with unlimited iced tea, onboard singing and another stop where kids perform local songs.

This is also the moment when I realize everything here needs a donation of sorts. My impression has really downgraded. Let's see, I was able to witness a lot of them in this entire trip, even up to the airport when we are about to depart. It's not that I'm complaining, but it's hard to concentrate where everyone blatantly asks for tips (even after you've paid for the experience). And it leaves a bad taste on the mouth as a tourist. For instance, when you avail of the river cruise, you will be shelling out 450 pesos, 100 of it goes to the actual cruise, 350 for the food. When you arrive at the stop where kids perform local dance and songs, donation boxes are right smack in front of you to put something in. And then, before you embark, a container for tips for the onboard singer is passed around. I honestly felt ashamed with the foreigners on board.

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