T&J Travels #3: Bohol 2015 (Part 1)

It's our first trip out of Luzon!

We have not prepared again so we planned this out of haste. It would have been on the APEC week but then again we cannot find a flight out of that week.

So anyhow, we've decided to go to Bohol!

+ First Flight Out +

It's really unfortunate that we weren't able to sit next to each other. We both got window seats but my lack sense of judgement that time made us not be seatmates, but me giving my seat to a somewhat obnoxious flyer. All she did was take selfies, exclaim praises, use her phone every single time we were told to turn it off, take more photos of her stuff with her shades, amongst others. It was a really bad call.


+ Meet Lito! +

I haven't asked around much but an office mate of mine convinced us to get a tour guide of sorts because the attractions around Bohol are too far apart, it will only be for our convenience. We got a countryside tour for both Bohol and Panglao in just one day for merely 2100 php for both of us. At first the amount looks expensive but being able to experience the distance of everything makes up for it. It's also way cheaper than what was offered by our hotel. Our tour started as soon as we met him.



+ (Formerly Carmen's) Chocolate Hills +

So named because of how they look like Chocolates in the summer, we have now achieved seeing it from afar! They are really a wonder to behold. We were told that only those limestone hills are considered as one of the hills if it can only have cogon grasses since it cannot hold any tree. And they've recounted all the hills there are on the island so there's much more than it was first counted. There are now more municipalities included.


While you can already see it on the drop off area, you might want to consider walking the steps up to the viewing deck. This is daunting, all 200+ steps but much comfortable since a lot of the parts are shaded and the actually steps aren't too irregular.

When we arrived they are doing a lot of improvements so it's kind of sad how bf and I's selfie are photobombed with a CAUTION sign. Anyhow, the wind is amazing at this high, and the view is superb. No wonder a lot of foreigners love flocking here.

+ The Shiphaus +

(Yeah, it is really spelled like that) Also a museum, we were able to view it from the road. We were told we can drop by for a fee but decided to just take a photo outside. It was converted as a tourist destination being unique as it is, and it's owner have already moved out due to the influx of visits.


+ The Butterfly Sanctuary +

A good 5-10 min. stop, depending on how long you plan on ogling at butterflies that doesn't like hanging around. While the number is disappointingly low (I was expecting more butterflies) the small tour have made me occupied.

I won't spoil you what happens inside, but it mostly involve photo ops. Perfect for those who really like their instagram loaded every 5 minutes. They've even prepared as to how to photograph you with the display.


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