T&J Travels #1: Corregidor (Apr. 4-5, 2014) (Part 2)

The Malinta Light Show wrapped up early (inspite of travelling the entire island the entire day) but as told and teased, we planned to get the 250 php (per person) tour. It includes:

Tour starts around 5PM
1. Sunset Viewing
2. Hospital Visit
3. Malinta Tunnel aka Ghost Hunting

4. Sunrise Viewing
5. Early Hike to Japanese tunnel

I slept for a while to regain strength for the night tour and woke up hungry. We ordered spaghetti, which is already good for two and two plates of churros. I wasn't able to finish my plate and the rest the next day. Spaghetti is okay (Pinoy version, reeally sweet) but the sauce is too runny for my taste. We both enjoyed the churros especially the crispy bits.

The EveningTour

Going to the tail, we have enough time to visit the old hospital that was bombarded by the Japanese back in the day. We learned that as war goes, hospitals, orphanages and the likes are supposed to be spared. The Japanese can't even claim innocence to this since the hospital was shaped like a cross seen from above.

We could see how this tour needed to do with the sun still up because, even though stable, the hospital have holes all around it anyone might accidentally fall off.

Manila Bay always takes pride on it's sunset, which we're about to witness on another island. Unfortunately this past few days a typhoon up north makes our view cloudy than usual.

It was really dark when we arrived at the infamous tunnel. It used to be American's headquarters, where they stayed for the war. The tunnel has also harbored the Japanese who later on claimed suicide by strapping themselves with explosives (hence other tunnels caved in) or were inhumanely killed.

As we walked around the tunnel we were told stories of what happened during the war, most of which are really sad. Imagine staying here for months, not seeing the sun? I know I don't like the heat at all but that long is just insane. 

I really enjoyed this tour! I loved how they've made it fun by having light outs, it makes your regular brownout like a joke. The silence and the darkness are just extreme. We are really lucky that we had a large group. The excitement is really contagious!

The Next Day

Sunrise viewing is quite harder for most, our group last night almost halved the next day. Same as yesterday, we weren't lucky this time too. It was too long before the sun actually showed and collectively gave up to give way to our last activity.

From our sunrise meeting point, we've walked to our right to start the hike. It involved walking down a really steep hill. It's unfortunate that I don't have rubber shoes so I was really lucky that I was able to finish it through without the straps snapping. After going down the hill, we've entered a small entrance where no light shone. We were provided with flashlights (same as last night) to be able to see ahead. 

We have done ourselves a favor by not bringing our water bottles because the climb up needed both hands just to go (I slipped my flashlight at the back of my pocket). It was even harder for me since the dents on the wall are far apart from how my limbs could reach. I remembered at one point it got too far that out of adrenaline I've pushed myself up and gripped whatever my hand can reach. Even the ladder up was a challenge. 

Arriving at the top was really fulfilling, and a good way to end the tour. The tunnel was really short, but the experience is something to be remembered. 

We got back for breakfast and quick showers. I think I got back to sleep too and checked out around 12. We roamed around after that, attempting to go to the lighthouse until I got grumpy since it was too far via walking already. We've also went to the beach which wasn't really a good experience since some animal left excrement around the area we walked. As for the water, we were arguing if it's really clean for swimming. Maybe it is we just haven't seen anyone that time.

Our ferry arrived around 2pm, when we are all tired and ready to go home. It was an amazing experience overall, and not bad for our first trip!

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