Look what the cat dragged along!

Curiosity got the best of me the other day when I stumbled upon your name on a list of friends I was currently looking at. We are not friends online and I'm fine with that, not to be assumed as bitter or anything. We aren't even friends in real life anymore, that even though some of the people in my FB are people who I just add because I feel too rude to decline, But seeing your face in the roster piqued my interest. So there I was clicking your profile, not knowing what to expect.

What do you know, you're already married!

I was curious wanting to know when it was or who it was on the photo with you but didn't go as far as for me to actually knowing. I was just there sleepy, looking at your faces, looking for a familiar feeling. When I was done (probably took a minute for the surprise to sink in), I pressed back to my own homepage, only to realize that whatever feelings I expect is just not there anymore. No hate, no jealousy at all. All those years made me forget, made me heal. But then there was no "I'm happy for you moment", I'm sorry to say. I don't know why that is. I remembered having that feeling seeing a few of my old office mates I stumble upon as well but surprisingly there is none in my heart for that for you. Maybe because we've grown so far apart I already treat you like the rest of my peers back in the day that I have nothing to do with anymore. Not in a bad way obviously. We were civil the last time we've texted. But I'm really glad to find out that the old part of me that aches at the mere mention of your name has already healed, patched, and loved, by the love I have right now. That my decision to live each day to a future where I could be happy without you really does exist. That, as cliche as it seems, time really heals all wounds. ;-D