TK: Red Velvet Bar + Bonus: Sweetest Mistake Cookies

This is officially my 5th Bake. I've done two successful cookies so far, and two brownies as well. Both were appreciated wonderfully and I'm starting to believe I couldn't do anything wrong

So in time for Valentine's last Friday, I dedicated my Thursday evening in baking Red Velvet Bars. It looked amazing on Pinterest:

I believed I followed everything on the actual cake so I've now put it in the oven hoping for the best. Now on to the frosting.

I've tried working with cream cheese last year and it wasn't a pretty sight. It was one of those abominables I created all because I don't have tools. Now that I have a hand mixer, I suppose I could do something good.

However, instead of the expected frosting, I ended up with cream cheese soup. The problems I think with what I made were:

1. Too much confectionary sugar (I would admit this stupidity unfortunately)
2. Too much blending.

In the end my frosting have become too loose for the frosting bag and tip I bought specifically for this cause. Here are the top 3 solutions I found:

1. Add more sugar. 

Really? This would not work. Sugar adds more moisture. That's why I ended up with soup.

2. Add more cream cheese

So I've opened my ref to look for additional cream cheese but I already know I don't have any. It's just in case Baking Gods wanted to help me and brought me one.

3. Keep in the ref

I don't think so. It will set but I know in my heart that once I let it out for room temp it will come back as soup. No. It's just false hope.

With not much choice I just went with it. Now my red velvet bars became like a yema cake with red hearts on it. Too kitsch right?

Reviews greatly failed, like how it was too sweet and the overall texture is too sticky. It really is, and I think it's because the bar has become too high. Probably this would have worked if my pan is longer and lesser in height. So my initial instinct of not pouring the entire thing was correct. Too bad I only realized it later.

For the recipe you can visit this site since you have to attribute this wonderful baker for her creation. Hopefully I could do this someday that looks like hers.

Now that I've accepted defeat, and have put my red velvet / yema cake look alike on the side (I don't have the heart (bwahaha) to throw it away) I wanted to do something about my cream cheese soup. 

It's really too runny so I decided to put in some flour. I added them gradually, until the entire thing started to take some form. It wasn't much of a dough but it looks like it will hold and just needed baking. 

I started putting them in batches and decided to test what would happen if I bake it. The first instance that the sides started to turn brown I've put it out of the oven and tried to poke one with my finger. Firm and soft. It looks like it's ready. I wanted to make it look presentable so I've sifted confectionary on top and placed a small red heart candy in the middle.

So after having it cooled a bit, I decided to take a bite. I was scared that once I bit on it cream cheese would ooze out and burn my tongue but it had surprisingly cooked all throughout, AND the most surprising of it all, it tastes amazing! It's super tasty my sister who is currently dieting could not resist asking for more. What made me love it more is how my mistake resulted to something wonderful. 

I've included what I done below but  I could not tell you how much I've used since this was just the remaining mistake I made. I will rectify this once I'm able to replicate them again. 

- Sugar Cookies -

* Ingredients for Cookie *

Cream Cheese (Philadelphia)
Confectionary Sugar
White Chocolate Melts
All Purpose Flour 

* Optional Decor *
Heart Shaped Candy
Confectionary Sugar (for sifting)

* For Pan *
Anti Stick Spray
Aluminum Foil

* Steps *

1. Combine butter and cream cheese
2. Gradually add confectionary sugar and mix thoroughly. Add more sugar and mix it on a higher setting to break the texture of the cream cheese. Add your white chocolate melts.
3. Preheat your oven at 350 degrees.
3. Add flour and mix it with spoon. The end result should make your once runny mixture to be thicker. You'd know it would be ok if once you've placed it on your spoon it won't run over the edges. 
4. Place them on your pan covered with an aluminum foil greased with an anti stick spray. 
5. Bake for 10 minutes or until the edges starts to brown
6. Sift with confectionary powder while still hot, adding your final touch of heart shaped candy.