It's a Wrap 2014! (12 Days Later!)

2014. Ahh. Another year of things that were new to me. It wasn't as grand as anyone else's, but for me it's an amazing feat.

1. Bacolod

Who would not love Bacolod? It's exactly the place I would like to be. No beaches and plenty of food. I love it. It was also a very convenient trip since my friends who I was with are either a local or have a bf who is a local. Maybe in the near future I would have time to write my trip.

The Ruins
2. Lightroom

See that above? Thanks to my newly discovered photo editing app, my photos have become so dramatic I can't help but be amazed each time I edit a photo. Unfortunately, my love affair with Lightroom has cut short due to a few things that have occupied my time. I would like to buy myself a copy but it's too expensive for someone who doesn't exactly sell print.

3. Mr. Big

They came back as promised! Although there are still people, it's unfortunately not as jam packed as we hoped. Nevertheless, just like any old band, they had this stamina that is far beyond what our music industry coughs nowadays. It's very touching seeing Pat Torpey trying his best to join the band as much as he can. I wish he'd be well.

4. Condo

One of the highlights of my 2014 was purchasing a property. I would have chosen a house but so far my concern is being able to go to work as soon as I can, when I can, and knowing Metro Manila, that is hard to find. I was already renting at that time but my lessor has to come back so I need to move out. Yes, it's much more expensive than your regular presell, but hey, it was a drastic decision and so far, I have not regret it. Better than the option of getting a car I would say!

My sister scaring the sh*t out of you

5. Business (?)
For the nth time I still could not believe I would ever be involved in retail, let alone coffee. My oldest friends would know I could not take the smell of it yet it was my profitable venture this year. It wasn't exactly a business that I've planned to take a part of but it all started when I offered to sell an item at our condo group until everyone started giving me a commission when I take orders in behalf of them: vegetables, fish embutido and leche flan. We even participated in the first bazaar of our condo for it!  

Tita's Coffee

6. Sofitel

My year is not complete without a booking at a hotel. My expectations were really high for them but unfortunately it wasn't pleasurable for me. Toiletries were incomplete, elevators cannot handle a surge of guests and the brownouts all through the night. The bathroom is the least of my favorite as well. It also annoyed me that my reservation of bed weren't what I wanted. As for the buffet at Spiral? Vikings (MOA) is still the best for me so far.

5. Loombands

Yes I joined the bandwagon of loombands! It was addictive for a while until it had become one of the hobbies I could not give time to anymore. I remembered how it had taken most of my time in a day you won't believe how much dedication an intricate band takes.

6. Las PiƱas Food Trip

Visiting my bf's turf has been one of my earliest blessings for 2014. This year we're doing another round!

7. Boxing

Late this year I was involved in the gym, more so with Boxing. It was really fun and it felt like my breathing has become better because of it. As of this writing I have yet to come back to gym + boxing so wish me luck I guess?

8. Mitch Albom

I wasn't a fan of his BUT having a book signed is one of the perks of owning a book. I wasn't able to get up close due to the number of people (and let's face it I was pushing a 10 to 10 here) but oh well, at least mine got signed still.

9. Events and everything else

Kpop Fest, Toycons, Blogapalooza, Movie Marathons, wedding, birthdays, etc. I have tons of events I was able to attend this year. See how boring I am when my sense of enjoyment is within the confines of the Metro? We've also tried different restaurants, almost everything that has opened this year and is within a few kilometer of radius where I live. Ahhhh. Convenience.


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