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Thursday, September 4, 2014

We have this surprise cake we planned to give to one of our bosses here at the office. I was assigned to get it and was ok to do so since it's a task I love to do. I also realize I haven't even tried going to Lucca's all this time I've been going to the new Fashion Hall at Megamall so here I am picking it up.

I saw it on display but didn't think too much of it because I'm fixated on the treats they have there too. There's pastries of different kinds, and there's a caramel cupcake that I'm itching to buy. It's just 70 pesos and I think I have enough money on me to do so...

"Be careful, mam, hold it by the base" she said. I wondered why does she have that kind of instruction when she's handing me the gold box of cake but when I picked it up, I was shocked.

Damn girl, you're heavy.

I was carrying it by the base walking from the 5th floor fashion hall to the other side of Megamall nearest to the office. I made one stop at the 5th to adjust my arm and another at the 3rd floor when I decided to eat. It was so heavy my arm is literally shaking while I was putting the spoon to my mouth. I can't even hold my phone to eye level because it was so weakened.

By the time I arrived at the office, I was in sweats, and my breathing is so laborious I felt like I was close to fainting. Thank heavens I didn't.

After all the weight lifting I endured for the day, gleefully I sliced me some when offered. Since it's a tall cake, I decided a slim one would do. Be prepared though when you get one, prepare a really sturdy knife because it's too packed,

Regardless of what office mates say that it was too sweet, for me, I think the overall cake is wonderful. I honestly want the same sized slice now. There's no bitter taste of flour and the frosting is just right. I would love to have one to a party! And this has totally made me want to go back and try their other cakes and pastries. Maybe before I go on a diet.

So  you think I'm just exaggerating? Pre-order one today (not sure if they allow walk ins to buy a whole cake for the day) for evidence. It's just 950 pesos. Try it.

Lucca can be found at the 5th floor of Fashion Hall Megamall, near IMAX. Share your thoughts!


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