I'm now in Facebook!

So after all these years I have now finally joined. I remember an old post of mine why I shouldn't. It's funny how still, even weeks later I still stand by with what I listed. So when I gave in, they ask me why and I always say a canned lie answer: it's for gossip. Some tried to convince me that I would be able to reach out to more audiences (blogging), but, meh. I doubt none of them will end up there anyway. As of this writing I want to keep my writing out of those people I see everyday.

Well in a way, gossip is one of the reasons, but mainly my decision was due to a need. For those who are close to my life know how I've took my independence to the next level by getting a place of my own (not renting now) and from the orientation one of the tenants said how helpful the FB page is. I thought I won't need it but then I was curious about things in our building that would be helpful since I'm not exactly too friendly. I also need to know where they got this and that, and anyone who can tell me where to find a carpenter or something.The plan was for me to use a dummy account of my sister's but since it was a CLOSED group, I doubt the administrator would provide access to an account that only had games on it's feed. So yeah, I signed up for a group and not for my friends. I still believe that all the friends I need I can contact on my phone, and if they're really my friends we won't fall out. That's why I don't see the reasoning of getting in touch with your old friends. Being able to see the old ones is sort of ok, but I've lived this far without knowing every tiny bit of their life and I don't care about it right now. I believe the people you have in your life are exactly the people that is meant to be in your chapter for now. But since I've already signed up I thought why not invite them all?

I signed up months ago but didn't have the courage to click the regular email reminder that I confirm the account. When I did though and get to open it for the first time, it took me around 10 minutes for my anxiety to reach it's peak and panicky disabled the account right away. The morning after I tried to open it once more (they say logging in again enables the account again) and finally gave in. The entire day was really fun, not because of FB per se, but the reaction of the people who first saw my name. One of my best friends texted me to verify as soon as he saw it and another one almost tagged me as spam.

For now, I didn't get much gossip as I thought I would, however if there's any good thing from signing up, it's being able to be in the know in our building (a few days later Glenda came so in a way my sign up was vindicated). If only I can hide from people who I don't like...


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