Lalalaloom Bands!

One of the things a lot of people know about me is that I like crafting. If I was a filthy rich kid with 10 lifetimes worth of riches I would just stay all day and dedicate myself into all the crafts I can put my hands on, name it, I'll do it. Heck, if I had that money I'd buy properties just so I can decorate, I'd put up a business for crafting materials JUST SO I can have a one stop shop of everything I want at an arm's reach, I'd bake all the breads and pastries I can put in an oven, I can start my life long dream of creating a miniature doll house and host dinners of different themes each night.

So anyways, my boss knew this about me so she convinced me with Loom Bands. (see how I segued?) I'm apprehensive about it at first but seeing how my boss gets hers via her nieces, I thought of giving it a shot (and she requests me to do some for her as well). I bought my first kit at NBS (150, same kit is 120 at Divisoria), then another small organizer with bands on it (125, about 90 something at Divisoria as well) and a larger one that costs 2k but retailed at 1k at Divi (which I was really lucky to buy because it was filled to the brim with bands) again. 20 pesos band packs are abound elsewhere but you can get them by grams at 70 each 50 each at Divi too so if you know someone who goes, better go with so you can choose colors.

Loom bands basically forms by putting in bands at a loom to form patterns for bracelets and what have yous without ever gluing anything. All are just supported by each other band and closed by an S clip. 

If you're starting with it, try to familiarize by making a fishtail first. This is probably the easiest of all types:

Then after you've done one, you'd eventually move out to more difficult ones. 

I'm letting this all out, obviously I just copy whatever tutorials abound (you should to!). Some are easy, others frustrating but eventually, once everything is all done, it's amazing to show it off to friends. 

I don't have any of those in my keeping since I give them all out. I wonder how long I can be onto this?

UPDATE: (8.7.14)

When going to Divisoria, since everyone is selling them for 50 php per 50 grams, try to ask nicely to add a tiny bit of gram since you're buying in bulk. In buying monster tail and loom hook&grip (35 each), try to haggle by buying in threes. Unfortunately you need to be a seasoned haggler to get organizers cheaper. Last time we went there the prices shoot up to 250 from the old 170. 


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