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I'm more of a burger person so going here is for the boyfriend. I've been telling him about this for a long time but my body's inherent ability to digest dairy properly (cheese for instance) makes him think twice of asking me there so it took a while before we finally did.

The nearest we can go to is the branch at MET Park. It's way past lunch time when we arrived yet the line is awfully long still. If it was lunch it would be much worse I reckon.

A friendly waitress aids first timers. She repeats the same instructions to whoever is on the line to prepare us once it's our turn on the ingredients table. There are 3 choices, either we choose any premade pizzas from 1-8, DIY pizza and the combination of premade plus whatever additional you like. Since we came here to experience a DIY, we chose those.

There are stations, you choose the sauce (dough base is generic so no need to fry braincells for it) then the types of cheese. I only got parmesan while Reagan chose all. Meat comes next then veggies. It's so unfortunate that none of the veggies I said to be put in, except for the ones I specified for. I think the server didn't hear me correctly (it was supposed to be everything except olives). Next time I'd not move in my line without fully checking. Then when all is done, it's payment time. Be aware that drinks don't come free (refillable twice).

First pizza out is mine. It looks a bit sad:

Reagan was called ages later only to come back with a different pizza. It's a number 2:

It wasn't explained why, he was just told that his was to be recreated. When he came back once more, I could say his was definitely a pizza:

Mine was dropping toppings due to lack of cheese, #2 is nice and yeah, Reagan's creation is thick and heavy with all the cheese on it. I only tried one of each and I was already full!

Cleanup is required for everyone since they can't afford wasting people waiting tables instead of helping the kitchen. Fine by me since the trays are easy for pickup anyway.

If it's for experience I suggest everyone to go. But surely once you're in, I swear it's a good bonding experience. You get to feel that extra warm feeling that you have the power to make your own best pizza. Best of all you can impress friends you have the best taste!

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