On the News: The Missing Plane

Everyone has their own theory on what happened to the still missing plane. I remembered noticing it on the news ticker while I was surfing for a channel to watch and I was extremely curious on that particular news I started looking for a channel that was currently reporting it. Finding none, I shrugged it off and forgot about it.

It's already Tuesday and shockingly it's not yet found. I won't be a hypocrite and be overly emotional about this (for one, I don't have a special relationship to anyone on board for me to be overly attached) but I suddenly become scared at one of the sites an officemate of mine told me to read.

http://naturalguru.co/six-important-facts-youre-told-lost-malaysia-airlines-flight-370/ *
(*which I think was copied elsewhere as well.  you decide :-))

He (or she?) has laid out points on why theories hounding web space can be debunked (so easily may I add) to the point of making me get goosebumps.

We've probably heard of someone somewhere getting lost with no trace. No one knows why, no one knows exactly how, but there are tons of possible scenarios. It could be someone abducted them to be found later as bones or (luckily) older, or they just left the life they once lived, remained anonymous and simply left via train or bus, or a thousand combination of reasons and means more. In this situation, not knowing where exactly a really large plane with only 7 hours of fuel for more than 3 days now, with nowhere to go but down, is mind boggling. It was supposed to be just a normal flight, but because of not yet explained circumstances, something of this magnitude made a lot of us curious. I was reading the blog I said early on and for the life of me, I swear I'm terrified with his conclusion. To him (?), it was really simple: the plane vanished.


Now don't go rolling eyes on me yet, let me explain.

As I write this, there are tons of people currently deployed looking for a plane that is impossible to miss and 200+ people on board who went suddenly lost and no one knows HOW. The longer it takes for them to be found makes wishing even just a scrap of the plane appear would seem like a miracle that at least everyone will know, if not precise, the reason HOW. Because other than knowing there are no other like us in the entire universe, not knowing HOW something happened beyond our ability to understand is the second scariest reality humans would have a hard time swallowing.

I'm pushing out of my head sci-fi 'explanations' like aliens, Lost, Twilight Zone and 4400 (smooth!) because I don't want to believe any of it. But it still doesn't erase the fact that we're not just dealing with a small crew of men "lost" in Bermuda Triangle, we are faced with a gargantuan mystery no one has yet solved. It's a plane for Pete's sake, it has tons of radars and homing devices. No wonder everyone is stumped where to look!

My mouth dries when my brain thinks that we'll never know the reasons of what happened last Saturday. I just wish most of us are just over thinking it and there is a rational explanation in the end. For the meantime people would fabricate their own theories according to their beliefs while I sit here thinking that they should not have simply wiped out of existence because I don't want to accept it as truth. It must not be, for the sake of everyone's sanity.