TME: NBI Clearance Again!

Before we start let me remind you that you are actually reading a post of mine because you are too lazy to go directly to their website to learn how. That or you were confused where the heck is the NBI website because clearly the one in NBI's button isn't working for the NBI Clearance site (who makes these websites, don't they have a QA?) ; yeah it's a different site I know.

Here's a summary: --> This is where you go when you feel like reading their achievements and whatever announcement they can think of --> This is where you go when you need to apply for an NBI Clearance.

Now, you are still lazy to go there to learn the steps HOW TO APPLY FOR ONE?

Fine. Read on.

We are all aware of the long queues in government offices (Why don't they just hire more people? Don't we have tons of jobless graduates?) so you've probably heard that you can go straight to Photo taking stage and Claiming but only if you pay before you go to their office.

Initially, they rolled out this with GCASH. This is what I've written step by step in one of my blogs.

But for some reason, maybe they thought that it's not convenient enough, so they thought, hey, why don't we just have people go to PPP offices where no one knows where? I don't get the logic of these people.

First of, you need to find an area where a PPP office is then find the nearest NBI Clearance Branch so you can do all in one go. You might be asking, why do I need to pay via PPP rather than go straight to the NBI office itself? I don't know, what are you still doing here? Anyhow, here's my personal reason: There are steps to accomplish for NBI Clearance. Each step requires you to go in queue. Each. Time. Imagine how long that would take?

By now you are asking what is PPP? (Screenshot from their website:

Aww how sweet, they've also updated their site to actually discuss the steps for NBI Clearance. Follow this link y'all! Take me to the link so I don't have to read her blog!

Oh. Still here?

Fine. (2nd time)

1. Find the nearest PPP Center near you. I could have given you the list but as of the writing of this blog, NBI-Online is currently down. That time when you needed the site and it literally let's you down :-(. In our case we went to Cityland here in Ortigas CBD. It's a few steps away from Robinson's Galleria. Here's their complete address: (lifted from the PPP site here:

Unit 741 City & Land Mega Plaza
Mon.-Fri 10am-4pm
Adb Avenue Cor. Garnet Road Ortigas Center

Contact# 470-1708
One of the handiest tips I could give you is if you intend to pay via this form, try to call them first to know if they still have enough balance to process your transaction. Unless NBI 'reloads' them, you may have to wait until further notice. But if you were unlucky that time, you can choose to trust the center to process your payment even without the actual receipt and they'd text the confirmation number to you.

2. Log online at the site I provided earlier, log in using the old email you've registered in. If you have none, then register for the first time. Now, if you have forgotten your password simply ask on for a reset. They will provide you with a different password via your email and they'd ask you to reset it to your preferred password-- later on you would realize that the reset part is a joke as THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN RESET THE PASSWORD AS YOUR OWN. I wonder where they hid the button for it. Print whatever it tells you to print.

3. Queue in the Photo Step. If the line is too long, you can either, make yourself heard that you've processed online and you deserved priority or if you're brave enough walk in front of the long snake-ish line proclaiming to those who have not yet eaten lunch that you needed to be accommodated first. You would need to learn how to dodge their deadly stares when you leave though. Prepare the print out from the online registration, fill out some details (work, parent's name, phone number, etc) and hand it over before you have your prints scanned and your photo taken

4. Wait till they print your copy, too bad if you have a namesake.

5. Walk like a boss after.


  1. thank you for the info... ill try 1 of the branches in cainta... gob bless!!