The Cordillera Road Trip: EP15: Alapos Inn

It was the only inn that would take us for reservation 2 months before Holy Week and I am more than glad in getting anything at all. A night for 4-5 people will cost you 1000 pesos. We got a double deck and a larger bed fit for four. Initially our reservation entitles us to 6 beds but we switched with the other group of guests (they have not come yet but the keeper told us about that while we have missed one guest, they added another so they needed more beds). There is also no private bath so you have to wait for others to finish before you can even shower. I took mine as soon as we went back after our tour but it took a while to actually bathe because all are taken.

The shower is as simple as it will get, a toilet and a shower of death. It doesn't have any heater installed so basically you are bathing in ice. You can choose to not take a bath if you're such a winnie but I chose to since we planned to get out of Sagada very early in the morning so I can skip taking one tomorrow. Not only the line would probably be much awful then (btw, they have two common bath for women) but also I'm betting the shower would be emitting icicles.

Sagada is already cool as it is so don't fret if you don't see an electric fan or aircon in your room. You won't need it, promise :-) We were able to sleep comfortably through the night. Lights out are around 9pm so try to stay quiet. The town has already retired.

Our View at the Terrace

What to love

Cheap. 1000 a night for 4-5 people, just add 50 pesos for Western Union's fee. It's a paid reservation so do pay before you come up. Don't forget to bring your receipt!


Accessible. It's very near the town center.

What not to Love

No heater

No free breakfast ( :-P)

No cabinets


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