The Cordillera Road Trip: EP14: Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

It's still early to retire for the day so we went to the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin. It's a good place to tone down the roughness of the caving earlier. We looked awfully muddy but thought that being a tourist is an excuse :-D

Imagine the campfires here:

While we were walking around, a couple of kids said we can pay them up so they can take us to the hanging coffins. What the hell??!! Why didn't anyone tell us that?!

We hurriedly followed people who just went by. My father was joking that this was already it:

But going further, other tourists attest to the said coffins, but with much caution. The walk was quite narrow and is in a ravine. By this time a lot of them are turning back, my sister hurried more. While I know we can make it there before night time, it's like as if nature wants to hold us back. 

That's my sister and father shielding themselves from the huge downpour

Since it has gone more dangerous now, the ravine being more slippery and muddy, we ended up heading back. It's like as if there is something today that makes us fail to see more :-(