Hotel Reviews: Seda: At the Heart of BGC

Found right in front of Serendra, Seda is a newly opened hotel that is at walking distance from everything you want to do: movies, park, shopping and the likes. It blends so much on the background that it took us a while to figure out where it is exactly.

There are two entrances, the one fronting Serendra (which is closed at night) and the main entrance fronting the parking lot. The building only has a few floors (approx 15, I didn't notice haha) so there aren't much elevators, just 2. The receptionist I was on was friendly and wasn't hard to convince to change rooms. I was supposed to be on a twin deluxe but I won't need the other bed so I transferred, unfortunately to a smoking floor, but at least with just one bed.

Sure enough the corridor did have hints of smoke and took a bit of getting used to. It didn't reach the room anyway (and we're near the elevators) so it wasn't that annoying.

I loved the setup of the window which has an affixed lounge chair (what is that called anyway) that can double as a bed too :-D I wish I have one in my real bedroom!

The bath is clean, I also loved the smell of the body wash and lotion (I kept the lotion haha) but not the shampoo and conditioner which dried my permed hair. It was so frizzy afterwards I have to tie it in a bun just to hide the horrible outcome.

What I didn't like though is how high they've placed the bath towels. Even in tiptoe, I coudn't reach the rack they've placed it on :-(

Wifi is fast for quick checks (we used it to find Iron Man schedules at Market! Market!) and wasn't a hassle. I am not sure how many gadgets you can use but it was enough for our need for that day.

Breakfast was served on the first floor (2nd floor wasn't ready when we went down by 6am) which is comprised of breakfast staples: bread, fruits, fried meat/egg etc. And do yourself a favor, don't expect an Edsa Shang type of buffet. As for me, well, no complaints here, I wasn't really keen on getting a grand buffet anyway because I am still full after our Midnight Mercato.

What to Like

Lotion :-P
Lots of cabinets for long term stays, they have a safe too!
Near commercial establishments, no need to worry about leaving your parking space

What not to Like

Towel Rack
Breakfast offerings (lower your expectations)

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