Concerts: Slash: Welcome to the Jungle (of Giants) (4.4.2013)

Quick background: I know Slash from GnR, only knows songs about the numbers of digits in my right hand, loved one Slash song which is just a bonus track (this is after listening to albums of his, I fell in love with Crazy Life) then nothing more,  BUUUUUT like some concerts I"ve been into I love going with my boyfriend yay! And would I pass an opportunity for him to be really happy?!!

Before the day (or night, whatever man) I bought my videocam an extended battery. More often than not older guys have set lists that will make their fans happy and I wanted to be ready. But on the day of the venue, my vidcam wasn't allowed inside :-( It's really unfortunate and we can't do anything about it so we left it outside :-( * 1000

When we came in the to our actual doors, we were surprised that there are tons of people already!! Argh, I shouldn't have taken a pee!

Beer abound, almost everyone is in black again and I'm in, well you guessed it, white again. Rock gods never really did anything to me last time so I was here to challenge them yet again. A few minutes later General Luna came in who after a few songs, their vocalist remarked how 'lively' our crowd was. Her sarcastic tone didn't reach anyone's ears though.

When they left, I was making fun of my situation. We're not really too far from the stage but in my own height standards, it is. If you don't believe me, look at this right here:

 I know you are laughing!! Stop it!

Reagan laughed with me on my demise. Of all the times I wish I was tall, this is one of those times. I really felt frustrated after a while. What added to the heaviness of my heart is when I saw someone holding the same point and shoot camera (G11) I have, which I don't carry anymore to concerts other than taking photos and replaced it with my videocam which is currently outside in the cold (figuratively of course! Everyone knows it's too hot outside) :-( This is just too sad.

When they came, moshpit started jumping. I don't have any idea how many people are at my back BUT I sure have moved from my point due to the wave. It is my first time (Megadeth's concert wasn't that tight) to be slammed I actually screamed in surprise. My position then made me next to someone who'se elbow reach to my face (yes I'm that small, happy now?!!). It was really stressful as we're protecting my face from being unnecessary elbowed while hoping to find a small spot where I can see.

But inspite of it all, it was really fun!  Slash had almost 10 minutes of lyrics-less solo, and as guessed all of the songs have his solos on it. I really missed my camera I would have saved each moment! The jumpings which accelerated more as the concert is nearing it's end is an exhilarating experience and Myles made me appreicate "Gotten" so much more than Adam Levine did. I loved one comment of a guy in the crowd when he yelled, 'I-jungle mo na!!' when one of GnR's iconic song wasn't played yet. It was as an encore and everyone was truly happy.

The funniest part of it all was when the singing was over and they've thrown the rest of the guitar picks, everyone was literally bowing to see where the picks went. What added more to the difficulty of finding it was their last song involved the showering of crepe paper! Again, no picks for us :-( But but, again it was a once in a lifetime experience, of me being that close to a guitar icon. I don't regret buying those tickets at all!

Here's my recording of Gotten (Sorry it's too low quality :-( )