Concert: Megadeth Of My Ears (07.29.2012)

I have to come clean with this-- just for the record, I really am not a fan. My tolerance to really extremely rock sounds especially if I can't sing with it is just too low. But I do know 1 song. And when I mean 1 song, like I know the lyrics to the chorus, which is one of their hits, Angry Again. Although I realized I also have heard Symphony of Destruction (once I think) but the the only word I AM sure with that song is the 'Sympho-ny!!!' part where you have to yell it in that fashion. So me ending up in a really close proximity with them is all attributed to the fact that I love my bf so much I bought us (it's an anniversary gift yay!) platinum tickets. We are so close my puny phone actually have some good shots mind you.

As always, we came there almost late. Like 30 mins before 8pm late. The queue was so long too that I was at shock. But, but, when we asked again, that line is for gold tickets! So we confidently walked up front, to the platinum lane, which is like about 10 people long. Oh thank goodness! 

This is the first time I've ever been in a mosh pit. My bf was also teasing me since I was wearing a white shirt IN A FREAKING ROCK CONCERT. How can I ever forget that?! And what's this? Beer and smoke in a concert?  Ohh.. so hardcore (lol!) The one I'm next with (well it's standing so I have to suck it up) reeks of beer so I was half imagining being stabbed once he gets rowdy. 

No front act, thank goodness. Maybe the organizer thought how hard it would be to put up a local front act that is at par with the genre Megadeth has (or it's just me the naive speaking). The concert started almost quarter to 9. 

So it was filled with headbanging and jumping and me keeping up with it. Obviously my bf is keeping his head banging away from my head while still in an embrace and my futile attempt to jump when he does-- which I find silly (oh please don't hurt me rock gods). The one in front of me actually left, maybe to move at the back because the music was so loud. The song was not even over and I can't even hear my own voice anymore. 

So the band was saying sorry why they haven't thought of coming earlier, well I thought of that too, because I really have no idea they have a huge fan base here. And well, judging by how most oldies come back and still be successful in their events here, well they are really tad too late to realize that.

My bf in his ecstasy also bought a shirt to remind him of this day and I thought, wow. Making him smile like this is just too much :-D. I'm glad I didn't scrimp on those tickets. Better wait for a new concert that will excite him as this!

BTW, my ears healed 4 days later. It was a bit hard because I become nauseated putting on earphones. And there's the nonstop ringing. We just had too much awesomeness wahaha :-D

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  1. I saw Scorpions and Motley Crue. Saw Kiss twice. Saw Quiet Riot then a few years later the singer died. Guess what he died of?? It was not spontaneous combustion like in Spinal Tap.

    1. lols to spinal tap!

      aww i want to see kiss and scorpions too! not sure who the rest is