COMS: Midnite Mercato: Burp! (04.28.2013)

After IM3, we thought we'd finally do a midnight banchetto. After all, we're already up for food trip again (our Ihop trauma have somewhat subsided). The nearest is Midnite Mercato at BGC.

When we arrived, there place isn't as crowded as expected although humidity is intense on the tents where they sell the food.

Tip: Long hair? Bring a scrunchie for your own sake.

We scouted around first, looking for the best food to order. Our first pick was burgers.

I personally prefer burgers over pizza any day. It does look unkempt, and eating it is such a mess, but it was a very good choice for us. I loved the patty, the bread and peanut butter sauce. Reminds me of PB Co burgers, although to be fair I enjoyed this more because the patty is so meaty.

The Yankee Burger (150 php)

While Reagan waited for our burgers, I roamed around looking for water. Other than that I also noticed this weird looking concoction:

Basil Seed with Honey (50 php a bottle)

We didn't get to drink this on site, I took mine at home since I'm afraid at how it will taste like. I mean you can't blame me for being a bit scared. Even my father was disgusted at how it looked. But looks does deceive as this is a beautiful drink, nothing to be afraid of. It smells vanilla-ish, tastes a lot like gulaman but milder.

What's food trip without food on stick? We got scallop balls (see top) (or was it? haha) nah nothing special. We also took home their plate sized siopao which is disappointingly spoiled. How dare they to sell us siopao for 100 pesos and wasn't edible? I suggest run away from this store when you've seen it! I forgot the name so you have to make do with the clues on the photos haha!

Walking around we were enticed by the smell of pork so we ordered ribs (choice of rice or baby potatoes) at Sweet n Smoky Babyback Ribs stall.

Babyback ribs (155)

It was greasy, fat and savory, anything that ribs should be. However there was just too much fat left I even have to cut off all fatty edges as I fear we might have a trip to St. Luke's. 

Next to the store is Kimbap King, offering buy 1 take 1. I think it was just 50 pesos.

My bf's rice sandwich was a bit spoilt so didn't make him finish it (as far as I remember). Although mine wasn't, I didn't took the chance of taking some home in fear it maybe the same case as my bf's.

Being our first time on a night market, and hearing stories that this is relatively small compared to Banchetto, i would say it's not bad. There are so many to fit in to everyone's taste, although, obviously not for those who are on a diet.  I would have also appreciated it much more if it wasn't that stuffy. Yes, it's summer, and we live in a tropical archipelago but a nice closed cold tent may make more people go wouldn't it?



  1. I could have met you here given enough notice. I really like staying home but would have made exception .

    1. ohhh you're near the area? i've no idea hehe :-D