PB Co. : A Nutty Affair (11.26.11)


One of my favorite foods has got to be nuts. So when CashCashPinoy offered a voucher for PB Co. I immediately secured my own sets. We eventually get to use it for take out last Nov. after a series of connected and weird decisions. :-D

When I got home, my sister who was supposedly to share the food was way ahead in dreamland so I’m off on my own. I wasn’t able to eat it on the way so I obliged myself to stuff everything in or else it will be stuck in the ref for days and days and no one will dare touch it anymore. I was so lucky too that my hot choco was still warm even if I’ve rode it home with me from MoA to Cavite.

We have 600 worth of vouchers and we both have the same individual orders for all three. They don’t have a meal for it yet so we made the best out our vouchers. I think we also added a few pesos though which means prepare your wallet for the visit.


The hot choco wasn’t strong and it is the best hot choco I had to date. I hope the recipe stays uniform the next time I visit. What’s also good is that you can get this baby anytime. No need to wait for breakfast offerings!


Instead of fries, they have this mojos that are neither salty nor sweet. It was okay for awhile and then I was literally shoving it in my mouth. Maybe it would taste different if it wasn’t cold.


The burger has nice buns, a fairly sized patty not to too thick or thin. Imagine your regular burger with a sweet surprise of nutty sauce. It doesn’t taste awkward or over power the burger at all. I could tell that if I weren’t so sleepy it would have been a nicer experience because at that time though my thoughts were already drifting towards the bed.

I was able to take a peek on their menu that most of them are complemented with peanut butter that is a good reason to take a bite on them all. If for anything the burger is something anyone should try even once for their life though if you’re not venturing to peanut butter pasta (which I’d try next time yay!). What’s also good is that not all people appreciate peanut butter that their initial reaction would be to simply pass by the store-- so no long lines or lack of leg room when every table seems taken at other restaurants during lunch. Oh well. More for me!