The Cordillera Road Trip: EP02: Lunch at Kuya Lar's (March 27, 2013)

First pitstop of the day was Kuya Lar's.

It's a small airy place for travelers who wanted to grab lunch before a much longer journey. We arrived here almost 12pm exact but not that much customers around. We were seated as soon as we went out of the car. 

They serve local food, carinderia style so if you're really picky, you're better of going back and find yourself fastfood or any fancy food you can think of. However, they do have servers and heat your food so that is a plus. 

We had fried fish, laing and ginataang langka. We also brought out our adobo. Their food is really carinderia-ish (haha) so don't expect too much. I was a bit disappointed with the langka, the bangus is a huge cut, as for the laing, well, I never touched laing in my life so I've no idea but family said it was perfect. 

And oh, before I forget. Out of snacks? Well, grab yours here too:

(Sorry if I can't post our total bill because I missed logging it :-( )

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