Manila Mariott Hotel (4.21.2012)

Note: This post is like a year late. I hope I was able to recall my impressions on this hotel :-D

I may not have stayed in so many hotels but in all sureness, the room Mariott has given me made me feel like a boss for the day. The suite has that classy style to it that a man of trade could never construct an insult.

Just look at that bed. It's so comfy and firm and all the pillows to cover all corners of the bed. And look how immaculate that is. How white. Wouldn't it be awful if someone's menstruation get into it? :-P **

The bath is amazing, I can imagine a loving husband watching on the other side and teasing his wife on the bathtub which is right next to the bed. Yeap you read it right. Only a piece of see through glass separates you from anyone bathing. YOu can have privacy of course by having the blinds roll down (there's a switch somewhere near the bath's door). However I think I remembered how the entire bath have no locks in it.* But either way, if you want to jump start your honeymoon, this room feature can be as kinky as your imagination haha!

I also loved how they handle everything, like really. They have all the toiletries you will ever need. I was surprised with so many things they've included in the room. Too bad I forgot most but I remembered they bath salts and gels compared to simple bath soaps of other hotels. They also have tons of toilet paper I wonder how much anyone can use for a day, And don't forget the towels. Stock pile of it. Someone's laundry bill's roof high for sure.

Breakfast is a combination of different cuisines that will cater to most. Most of the things in my plate were fried because I went down too early, or so I think. While I was in my pyjamas yawning, businessmen bustle already prepped and with their luggages. I remembered there was pizza and pasta. I stirred away from that, my stomach is not that stable during breakfasts :-(

What to Like

Classy feel of the room
Tons of toiletries
You're in RW in less than 5 mins.
Staff are nice
Bed is really inviting I was able to sleep immediately (or was it because I was too tired of watching Cirque Mother Africa)
Buffet Breakfast

What not to

High end hotel with high end prices
No Wifi on room (unless you pay for it)
The dreaded Evian bottle (no don't pick it!!)
Buffet area not that spacious expect to wait for seats when breakfast rush.


Back when I was still semi-active at instagram I had one of my shots use tilt shift, lookie:


*Correct me I forgot.

**Unfortunately this day was the peak of it. BUT I was successful not blotting any blood on it yay!