TIB: For the cost of Evian Water I Can...

I was checked in on a hotel the other day (will blog them sometime) and grabbed an Evian bottled water by mistake. I was already drinking it half way through when I saw my image on the mirror holding a bottle I told myself would never dare try.

I forgot the price I saw on the grocery once, and seeing how hotels reprice it really high, I took the price list card on the table with shaking hands. Reading it, I just convinced myself that I misplaced my 240 pesos*.

Because for 240 pesos I can...

...watch a regular movie at Resorts world plus two bottles of RW packaged water. ( can't find photos of the bottled water and i'm too lazy to find where I kept it)

...Eat at a buffet.

There are so many below 300 eat all you can buffets in Manila that spending your 200php on a 500ml of water is simply incomparable. You even get a change! Follow compilations below:


...grab yourself this blouse



...buy a Mac 18 Color Eyeshadow by adding 10php


...treat your barkada with 480 pcs of fishball

Or 24 cones of dirty ice cream

Or 6 orders of (regular) Shawarma

...shield yourself from the elements

...add a bag to your collection by adding 10 pesos


OR simply be charitable and donate it to a beggar near you so he/she can enjoy a day of lunch/breakfast/dinner.

Try as I may I can't seem to find the difference of this 240php worth of water to what I'm currently drinking. As of today I can still find 10php-13php ones that doesn't taste funny but is just similar to the pricey one. I remember this old Penn & Teller episode on water and the 'conservatives' who swore only drinks expensive bottled water can't even recognize that they're given. They even conducted an experiment of labeling gourmet water something that came from a hose. Yeap you read it right, something from a garden hose.

Video here:

So why are there people who'd give in to this? Because it's social status that's why. They feel they're much more privileged in drinking the same water we have only much much cheaper. Just imagine it this way: Bottled waters or any other drinking water has the same source. The only time you'd get a different one is if it's from outer space. Talk about fooling yourself.

*240 pesos for 500 mL and 700++ for the larger one
**All images when clicked are routed to where I got them.