Don't you just hate summer?

While most women take this as an opportunity to show skin to the point that they'd crash diet and go the gym to lose their holiday bellies, I'm cursing the summer to just go away.

It's not that I'm bitter on how I could not wear a two piece to save my life, but I seriously hate this season. It's a combination of two things I hate: blistering heat and waterpools.

Every morning when I go to work, I have atleast 10 mins total of walking. Some of it requires me to be out in the open that I require an umbrella. And since it's part of my daily routine that I could not remove, I am forced to dive in on the heat of the sun who mocks me by doubling it's power when I'm out. And whenever I reach office I am at my lowest, like as if a sunshiney version of a Dementor kissed me.

And then there's pool season again. Borrowing a line from a friend of mine, "my skin has not touched chlorine " (or salt water) for a long, long time. I agree with the cooling off part but I just can't enjoy the pool because I can't swim. Not to mention most pools are outdoors, so that and basking in the sun is just no no. But how about night swimming? Really now? I love my life and I can't risk it in  waters that may have something lurking underneath. Argh. Don't push it.

What's so ironic is that I'm a Filipina and lived here my entire life. I should be used to this but I'm not. I get angry easily, I get itchy all over (I've scrubbed my skin in the shower until it feels raw sometimes) and it's making me crazy! It's like as if my maker thought how fun would it be to make me live in the tropics while hating the season at the same time.

I don't know how long I can take this but my electricity bill will surely go up this season. I hope it ends real soon though.