Hokkaido Ramen Santouka: Burst your Belly! (03.23.2013)

Right in front of SM Makati Food court lies a new Ramen house that has lately been the talk of blogs. Nothing too fancy with the name, everyone can practically pronounce it, plus it is quite easy to find.

 One very good indicator that a place is good is how the place is fully packed. It's not 100% true but there wasn't a hostile soul at that time so I assume that everything is okay.

It took a while for a staff to notice us even though there are a lot of servers. I was already waving my hand to a server but she looked the other way and was ready to be annoyed. But just a few minutes, we are escorted by a waitress and were finally seated. Unfortunately we didn't get a seat where me and bf seats next to each other so in case you dear reader plans to go there with a partner better get there early.

The first thing I noticed once I opened the menu is the fact that the prices for the Ramen Sets are unusually cheap. I mean look at this:

Like each set gets a small bowl of ramen (flavor of your choice) a small serving of salad, a small cup of tea, chawanmushi, tsukemono (anything pickled, today they served kimchi). It is also accompanied by your choice of dish, e.g. Reagan got the Seafood Set, entitling him to 3 pcs of sushi, while I got the Gyoza set (5pc) served with Japanese rice. All sets are priced 400++ above. To me that much in a set is just worth the price.

The salad is good, chawan mushi not that much and the ramen. Ahh. Amazing. I chose Shio or Salt Flavor and it was really flavorful. See how milky that is? The pork tastes like Nilagang Baboy so it's just okay. 

The noodles are chewy and was perfectly cooked. For a long time it wasn't soggy at all. I was able to finish everything in the set, except for the ramen the bowl even though it was just a small bowl. Maybe I should have skipped the rice.

One of the recommends of one blog said that Komi Tamago (50 each) was a favorite of his so we gave that a try too.

I don't know. Nothing to brag about this. It's just simple egg. Just your regular ol' runny boiled egg. However, this sealed the deal for me:

I was already full but my tongue was desperate to find something sweet. I was initially eyeing their fruit desserts but Mochi sounds more tempting since we only had it once. The waitress suggested the flavor Raspberry Mille Feuille (90 php, all mochi flavors have different prices, the cheapest from 70 php to 100 each small piece).

When it came it was much smaller than what we initially had before at another shop so I was ready to be disappointed. But lo and behold, it was really something. The crunch and tinge of raspberry flavor plus the sticky rice is simply heaven. I am really glad I didn't skip dessert this time.

How to get there:

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
Glorietta 4, In front of SM Makati Food Court (next to a coming soon branch of Tous Le Jours)


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