Valentine's at Kichitora of Tokyo

Like most people yesterday, we opted for a simple dinner date at Megamall. I suggested a newly opened restaurant, Kichitora of Tokyo. Like Yabu (directly infront), they chose to dwell on one specialy--Ramen.

We ordered two bowls of Special Miso Chashu Ramen (about 300++ per bowl) and gyoza (oh man I forgot the price again) which is their specialty. They have a chili version (found it at the last page of the menu) of that but Reagan the Ramen Lover tapped out to save him from a sweaty embarrasment*.

Initially the waitress thought that we ordered just one Chashu Ramen (hence they offered us smaller bowls) so we still waited for our left out order. It took less than 5 minutes.

Gyoza (5 pcs on a plate) is a bit on the oily side, and the flavor is not too strong for the taste. I remembered how some restaurantes smother it with spices to the point of bitterness, but this has none of it.

The ramen, served in a size that is subjective to one's own appetite if to share or not. Well if you do plan to share that order, it is fairly cheap-- perfect for the budget conscious boyfriend :-).

If you are more inclined to the soup itself, try to eat as much noodles as soon as it is served because letting it sit for too long would cause the noodles to absorb the very thick mixture. The vegetables on the bowl are fairly undercooked, which i prefer anyway because it remains crunchy and fresh even when submerged on the hot soup. As for the ramen noodles they are chewy.

I'm no ramen expert, but I have the same opinion as Reagan, we aren't exactly fans of it. The single pork round slice on the bowl is no match to Ramen Bar's** RBS # 1's melt in your chopstick pork, serving size and well, the flavor. I ended up not finishing the entire bowl more out of being tired of the flavor and not because I was already full. To be fair, it's probably just us, because I overheard the woman on the next table said how "authentic" the Ramen is even though I haven't heard her comparing it to anything else nor mention how it tasted like the one she had in Tokyo to authenticate her claim. Who knows. Maybe try the seafood ramen next time?

To reserve, leave your name and mobile by calling this number: 451-2218

You can find them at the 2nd level Atrium of Megamall.

*He loves spicy food too but he gets conscious when he sweats like crazy. Last time it happened was when he accidentally poured too much pepper on his Ramen (grocery at Little Tokyo) lol.

** Obviously Shinjuku would win hands down but being it operated by Japanese the comparison is quite unfair.


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