Snap: Digiperm Months Later

Last Sep 10, 2012, I had my hair permed. Months later, although sometimes I neglect it, and for weeks I have refrained fromm using any products, my hair looks fabulously naturally wavy. Now more than ever do I appreciate my decision to have my hair digitally permed.

How to achieve the one below? Here's what to do:

1. Separate your hair into two sections or if you are being meticulous, into four. Be reminded thugh that making the section to small will be bad in you over all look that it will look so unnatural.Roll/ twist your hair towards you and let it set in that position. I have a long travel time so my hair can stay in that position while I take a nap on the bus. Refrain from holding it too much.

2. Once dried, comb your fingers (I only do this once, or if I'm not satisfied, I roll it in front of me again, and wait a few minutes to set) on the twisted hair with a hair product of your choice. I still have my Pantene Anti Frizz from last time so I still have a bottle to use. Do the same on the other side with just one hand, making sure that you put on enough product as possible. This involves a lot of tries, because having it too wet, can make your curls too shiny and fake, or not enough to not even work. I guess I use as much as one half spit per hand.

3. Done!! :-)

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