COMS: Tous Le Jours Chocolate Cake

As my name suggests, I somehow have a love affair with bakeries, particularly those that are new. Lately I've found myself sniffing to different branches (In a span of 1 month, I've already been to ATC, Southmall and MoA branches. ) of Tous Le Jours hoping to find a favorite.

For breads they have stirred away from Breadtalk type of Breads (I swear a non Breadtalk bakery is in EDSA Shang that bakes the exact type of breads from Breadtalk) and have more savory type of breads. My most favorite being the one with curry inside and the vegetable croquette Reagan has recommended. Macaroons are also offered and it was just plain for my taste. I need more samples from other shops to compare.

Last year too, I was also able to get the perfect alibi to buy a cake which for my sister. It was surprising that dedications are allowed (as you can see from the cake, it's written on a cookie like design). I also liked how we are provided with candles and a knife (Secret Recipe have this as well) and the cute take out box. I was able to transport it from Southmall to Cavite unscathed.

As for the cake, it is not for the die hard chocolate fan. It is more of a large chiffon bread with chocolate flavor and the most minimal icing. It give the illusion that the calories are not that much. I'm a bit disappointed but seeing how the family enjoyed, my bet is that my hips probably do too. I remember Breadtalk doing the same technique on their cakes and it haven't disappointed the guys  in the office. Note: I'm the youngest teehee

Apart from the beautiful and simplistic designs, if all the cakes they offer are like this, the type of cake I mean, I can see how some would probably enjoy it and how some would prefer the creamy diabetic type of cakes. Will I come back? Yes, why not?   


  1. I love Tous Les Jours cakes and breads! Too bad service at their SM Megamall branch sucks.