TFT: Why the Philippines need more people with OCD

shh... you're just what we need...

1. It will be a whole lot cleaner

One of the many irks of a majority of those with OCD could not stand anything dirty. I bet that if you show them those jet black esteros and heaps of filthy and UNSORTED trash, they'd go crazy barking orders just to clean that up. And who would take No Littering much more seriously than they would?!

2. EDSA will have the best line of buses EVAR.

They'd make sure the buses coordinate properly, follow which 'lines' they should be in, heck they'd even have them color coordinated! Imagine all buses going to Ayala in a distinguished color of Green. How about Blue for Cubao? Aahhh. Not only will it be pleasing to the eyes but the bus conductor waving a Cubao sign yelling Cubao Cubao Cubao no need to respond to the idiot passenger who asks, 'Boss, Cubao?'

3. The roads will have no pot holes, all the lights work and the filthy color of smog on infrastructures.

Hate that sudden bump while on the free way? How about that light from the lamp post every 10 kms? NOT on an OC's watch! You can even hold that over pass' railing now because it won't be sticky and greasy and icky. Of course they will like everything smooth and nice and in order. A dent on a wall! Why they'd take care of that too!

4. They'd be serious where the money goes

They are often meticulous and takes their work seriously to the point that a single decimal pt must be accounted for. Why hire the best accountant when you can just hire an OC Accountant!

5. 99.9% plagiarism free

Why not? They'd probably spend more time checking and double checking they've not copied anyone. They'd be too absorbed making sure the sentence is just right, the font is of the right size and the length of the margin perfect to the T. 

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