Hongkong Omake!

Like anything experiencing new it involves tons of learning. Here are the things I observed in HK and Shenzhen:

Rest Rooms

HK parks take pride in their cleanliness that a trip to their restrooms are nothing but annoying. The seats and tiles are clean, tissue is plenty and water and hand drier works.

I have only tried going to the public toilet in Shenzhen and it was new going to a bowl less toilet bowl. Now I know what to expect when I go to Korea, because from what I heard, most of their public restrooms have this.


While I've read about the stay right policy in escalators, this is not 100%. It is at the airport; I kept on reiterating this to my group when we're at one but not on the building were we went (Happy Store). I was able to observe locals going to and fro and none of them are as strict.


Their money have different designs unlike ours (dependent upon THE BANK that issues it) so don't panic when they hand you one with a different design. Also, I rarely experience being handed my change with bills that are crumpled or even folded.

In Shenzhen, both at the Bamboo Store and Jade Jewelry store that is, they accept Philippine Peso. Yes. You read it right. I think they are taking advantage of the influx of visitors from our country so they tolerate and even advise this.

Plastic Bags

At HK, they put a cost to plastic bags and by default they'd just hand in your groceries. You can either shove them into your bag OR pay for the bag.

Food Trays

When your food is served on mini trays, do not remove it!! They need it there so you won't spoil their tables and for easy clean up.

Sale Jewelry

Be careful in buying jewelry in both places. If it's too cheap, it's either gold plated only or the materials are not that good.


Is extremely huge. If it's your first time there, save up a long time before your actual flight as you may get lost. You need the time to find where you need to be.


When you book a package deal, make sure that you pinpoint the places you are going to and how far it is from your hotel. Don't be like me hahahah!

I will try to update this with more if I can remember more details. But chao! Hopefully next time I can visit Macau too!

*Omake is extra in Japanese